PRK-3.05 - Volunteer Installation of Play Equipment

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Parks & Recreation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

To allow volunteers to assist with the installation of play equipment in their neighborhood park while ensuring that the equipment meets all standards and is installed in a safe and appropriate manner. Volunteers may assist with assembling play equipment and/or installing loose play surfacing (chips, etc.) according to the play equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Layout and design of all play structures on park property will be based on an approved set of drawings that meet Portland Parks & Recreation standards. Play equipment plans must authorized by Portland Parks & Recreation prior to ordering play equipment. If the new play equipment is being proposed by a community group of individual citizen, all requirements of Portland Parks & Recreation’s Gift & Memorials Policy will apply.
Prior to placing an order, funds shall be secured for all project related expenses including materials (play equipment, furniture, surfacing, drainage, concrete edging, paving, etc.), contractor’s fees and expenses, PP&R’s project management & construction inspection expenses, and permit fees. Orders must include delivery and storage procedures.
A licensed and bonded contractor approved by PP&R will guide all work by volunteers. This contractor must have a minimum of five years experience with playground installation. A separate volunteer coordinator should be enlisted to recruit volunteers and deal with details such as restrooms, food, sign-in forms, scheduling, tools, etc. This volunteer coordinator should be either a PP&R staff member and/or the playground equipment manufacturer’s representative.
Requirements of the contractor:
  • Site and equipment layout is the responsibility of the Contractor. No volunteers are permitted to layout site or equipment.
  • The Contractor is required to perform all concrete work - curbs, footings, post placement - including setting forms, pouring, and finishing.
  • Contractor shall submit a plan for volunteer participation, which should include tasks, schedules, support needs, equipment needs, etc.
  • Contractor shall provide all safety gear including, but not limited to, safety glasses, hard hats, ear protection, excavation barriers.
  • Contractor shall control access to the site until all construction is complete and project has been accepted by Portland Parks & Recreation.
  • Contractor and volunteer coordinator are required to take part in a pre-construction meeting with PP&R staff.
  • Contractor is required to conduct a pre-construction/pre-safety meeting with volunteers prior to the first day of construction.
  • Contractor will perform a thorough post construction inspection with PP&R staff and will correct all deficiencies noted.
  • Contractor will provide the City with a written warrenty on all work.
  • Playground manufacturer will provide the city with a written warrenty on their play structure.
  • All work will be completed in a timely manner.

Requirements of Volunteers
  • All volunteers are required to take part in a pre-safety, pre-construction meeting.
  • No work is to take place without the contractor being on site.
This policy supersedes the previous policy called out in the 1992 Playground Renovation Program that states, "Neighborhood involvement should be directed to non-construction activities."

Filed for inclusion in PPD September 29, 2004.

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