PRK-3.03 - Sponsorship and Naming Policies at Park Properties

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WHEREAS,  Portland Parks & Recreation has always provided sponsorship and naming opportunities for businesses and individuals. With the recent formation of the new Marketing and Business Development unit, the need was identified for formalizing a set of guiding principles and parameters for sponsorships and for the naming rights at Park properties.

WHEREAS,  citizens have helped create a vision for Portland parks & Recreation included in Parks Vision Plan 20/20; and

WHEREAS,  sponsorship and naming opportunities provide Portland Parks & Recreation with additional resources to accomplish the vision outlined in 20/20; and

WHEREAS,  these policies, attached as Exhibits A and B herein, will serve as a guideline for development of future sponsorship and naming opportunities; and

WHEREAS,  the public was given two opportunities to comment on the two draft policies. The first was through an online comment form on the PP&R website, which was available for submissions from January 15 through February 25. The second opportunity was in person at a Citywide Parks Team meeting on Thursday, February 15. Additional input for input from Friends Groups such as the Hoyt Arboretum, Friends of Forest Park, Leach Botanical Garden, Crystal Springs Garden and others was solicited by Marketing and Development Manager Bob Schulz.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED,  the City Council hereby authorizes Portland Parks and Recreation to adopt new policies for sponsorship and naming opportunities.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,  that this Resolution is a binding policy.


Filed for inclusion in PPD September 29, 2004.

Resolution No. 36504 adopted by City Council May 2, 2007.

ARB-PRK-3.03 - Naming or Renaming Parks, Facilities and Features replaced in PPD May 2, 2007.

ARB-PRK 3.03 - Sponsorship and Naming Policies at Park Properties replaced. Adopted by Director of Portland Parks and Recreation January 8, 2014 and filed for inclusion November 30, 2020.

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