PRK-1.14 - Lents Park - Parking Lot Hours

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Parks & Recreation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


Policy Category: Security


In order to address serious and multiple public safety issues related to after hours use of the parking lots, PP&R proposes to have the off-street parking lot at Lents Park closed at 10:00 pm, prior to park closure hours. This policy formalizes this practice and is consistent with PCC.20.12.210 and PCC 20.12.200.

PCC 20.12.210 authorizes the Director to designate hours of park closure and PCC 20.12.200 further authorizes the Director to make certain areas closed to the public.

Policy Statement

The Director hereby designates the hours of closure of Lents Park parking lot as 10:00 p.m., effective immediately. The park itself will remain open until 12:01a.m. No person, without the consent of the Director or other authorized Park Officer, shall enter, stay or leave their vehicle in the parking lot after 10:00 p.m., with the exception of Portland Pickles game days. Violation of this policy can lead to towing of vehicles left in the parking lot and a warning/exclusion/or trespass citation to the owner of the vehicle.


See PCC 16.70.560

The Ranger and Parks Parking Enforcement program has authority to issue tow warnings to vehicles parked in a City park after parking lot closure hours. PCC 16.70.560 also provides these staff with the authority to tow vehicles from parks after gate closure. Rangers and Parking Enforcement Officers finding chronic violators may initiate tow proceedings pursuant to Standard Operating Procedures.

Related Policies, Procedures & Forms

PCC 16.70.560

PCC 20.12.210

PCC 20.12.200

PCC 20.12.265


Adopted by Director of Portland Parks & Recreation August 22, 2016.

Filed for inclusion in PPD September 9, 2016.

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