PRK-1.11 - Director Park Prohibited Conduct

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Portland Parks & Recreation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority



In addition to other applicable laws including the provisions of PCC Chapter 20.12, the following conduct is prohibited in Director Park (“Director Park” means the city block bounded on the north by the south curb of Southwest Yamhill Street, on the south by the north curb of Southwest Taylor Street, on the east by the west curb of Southwest Park Avenue, and on the west by the east curb of Southwest Ninth Avenue. It specifically includes the entire surface area of that block and any improvements thereon, as well as any improvements made by or belonging to the City thereunder, including all pedestrian walkways and any transportation shelters or facilities):

1.  No person shall climb, stand, sit or lie upon any water feature, trellis, garbage container or planter, nor climb, stand or lie upon any bench within Director Park.

2.  No person shall operate any radio or other amplified sound producing device, so as to be audible to another, within Director Park, except by permit.

3.  No person shall throw any ball, disc or other object, use roller skates or skateboards, ride any bicycle or other wheeled device other than a medical mobility device or a child stroller or baby carriage, or roll any shopping cart within Director Park. 

4.  No person shall smoke in any part of Director Park.

5.  No person shall possess any type of fireworks, whether or not such fireworks are otherwise allowed by law, in Director Park, except by permit.

6.  No person shall possess any graffiti instrument in Director Park with the intent that the instrument be used to tamper with, mar or deface property therein, or knowing that another person intends to so use it, or when a reasonable person would know that the instrument is likely to be so used. For purposes of this subsection, "graffiti" means the unauthorized spraying or marking of paint, chalk, dye or any other substance to any building, structure or surface. For purposes of this Subsection, “graffiti instrument” means any can of paint or other marking substance under pressure, which can be used to spray surfaces with the paint or other marking substance, or any ink, chalk, dye or other instrument or article adapted or designed for spraying or marking surfaces.


It is necessary to prohibit certain conduct in the parks that unreasonably interferes with the orderly administration and lawful use of the parks and in order to maintain the parks as safe, welcoming and inviting places for the general public.

In addition to other applicable laws including PCC Chapter 20.12, this rule establishes additional conduct that is expressly prohibited within Director Park.

As Director Park is developed, the City recognizes that managing conduct will require certain specific rules of conduct. These rules are similar to those at Pioneer Courthouse Square (defined in PCC 20.12.230). Since Pioneer Courthouse Square and Director Park are located near each other, it is in the public interest to manage conduct consistently at these two downtown parks.

Pursuant to Portland City Code 20.04.050, the above rule is hereby adopted.


Adopted by Director of Portland Parks & Recreation December 2, 2008 and Commissioner of Public Affairs December 4, 2008.

Filed for inclusion in PPD March 30, 2009.

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