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PRK-1.08 - Portland Patrol Employees Designated as Park Officers at McCoy Park

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Section 1 - Rule

Employees of Portland Patrol Services working at McCoy Park are hereby designated as Park Officers under Portland City Code 20.04.010 for purposes of providing security services and issuing Notices of Park Exclusions, under 20.12.265 PCC, at McCoy Park.

Section 2 - Rationale

Portland Patrol Services (PPS) has been contracted by Allied Property Group, working for Housing Authority of Portland, to provide security patrol services throughout the New Columbia housing development.  New  geographically surrounds ColumbiaMcCoy.  The City (Parks) can benefit by having PPS patrol Park McCoy as part of their overall neighborhood patrol.  In order to be effective, PPS officers need the authorization to issue Notices of Park Exclusions to enforce park rules and deal with problems.  This will also help prevent the park from becoming a refuge for those seeking to avoid PPS security as PPS helps enforce State Laws, City Code, and Park Rules, within the scope of private security patrol.Park

Rule signed by Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Parks Director August 8, 2006

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