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LIC-12.05 - Complaint Process

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
Policy category
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Revenue Division Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


Payday loan borrowers may file a complaint regarding a payday lender. Payday loan borrowers may:

•  Call 503-823-5327 to file a complaint with the Revenue Bureau, Regulatory Section or

•  Fill out a complaint form available at and return it to the Revenue Bureau, Regulatory Section or

•  File a complaint in our office

Mailing Address:

Revenue Bureau, Regulatory Section

Payday Lender Program

PO Box 8572

Portland OR 97207-8572

Office Address:

Revenue Bureau, Regulatory Section

111 SW Columbia, Suite 600

Portland, OR 97201

All complaints will be recorded in the Revenue Bureau Payday Lender database. Each complaint received by the Revenue Bureau will be forwarded, via telephone, email or fax to the payday lender within 5 business days for investigation. A written follow-up letter will also be mailed to the payday lender describing the complaint.

Complaint documentation will include:

Date of occurrence

Date of complaint

Borrower Name

Borrower Address

Telephone number

Payday Lender Name

Payday Lender location address

Payday lender contact information

Loan #

Summary of complaint

The payday lender will investigate the allegations of the complaint and report the results of the investigation and the proposed resolution to the Regulatory Section by telephone or in writing within two (2) business days from the date the complaint was received. The Regulatory section will review the investigation and proposed resolution and, if satisfactory, will authorize the payday lender to proceed with the resolution directly with the borrower.

If the proposed resolution is not satisfactory to the Director, Revenue Bureau staff shall conduct an independent investigation of the alleged complaint. The Revenue Bureau may propose alternative resolutions. The payday lender has two (2) business days to accept the proposed resolution or propose a new alternative. The Director will either accept or reject a new alternative within two (2) business days. If the Director rejects the new alternative proposal, the Bureau will impose the prior resolution as final or propose a new resolution. Once the Bureau issues a final determination, failure to comply will result in civil penalty.

Results of all investigations will be recorded and maintained in the Revenue Bureau payday lender database.


Adopted by Director of Revenue Bureau as administrative rule #PL-5 on September 13, 2006.

Renumbered by Auditor's Office and filed for inclusion in PPD September 9, 2015.

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