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BHR-17.75 - Labor Agreement - Portland Police Commanding Officers Association - Amendment

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Section 1. The Council finds:

1.  The City entered into a successor labor agreement with the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association (PPCOA) which is effective July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2018 (“Successor Agreement”).

2.  Prior to negotiation of the Successor Agreement, Article 33, Executive Leave/Management Leave/Flex Time, of the City/PPCOA labor agreement allowed use of paid leave when a member worked “no less than half” of a shift. This is also known as a “partial day absence” and applies to FLSA-exempt employees.

3.  The Bureau of Human Resources planned to change Human Resources Administrative Rule 8.03, Hours of Work, Overtime Compensation & Management Leave: FLSA Exempt Employees (HRAR 8.03), later that same year to reflect tighter restrictions on use of this leave.

4.  In the Successor Agreement, the parties agreed to new language in Article 33 which states that members may be absent no more than two (2) hours in order to receive paid leave for absence of less than one (1) day. This change was to make PPCOA Article 33 consistent with the planned change to HRAR 8.03.

5.  HRAR 8.03 was changed effective April 25, 2016, and now provides that absences of less than one day should not be charged to accumulated time off unless the employee is absent during their workday for 3 or more hours.

6.  PPCOA has requested that the Successor Agreement be changed to match the new language in HRAR 8.03.

7.  Making PPCOA Article 33 consistent with HRAR 8.03 provides equity to the PPCOA bargaining unit.


NOW THEREFORE, The Council directs:

a.  That the agreement reached between the City, on behalf of the PPB, and the PPCOA to modify Article 33 of the Successor Agreement to allow PPCOA represented employees to use “partial day absence” paid leave when absent no more than 2.99 hours in a work day, as outlined in Exhibit A attached to this Ordinance, is ratified by this Council.

b.  That the Mayor, the Human Resources Director and the Police Chief are authorized to execute the agreement to modify Article 33 of the Successor Agreement in the form of Exhibit A attached to this Ordinance

c.  This Ordinance is binding City policy.

Link to Exhibit A (PDF Document, 356 kb)


Ordinance No. 188103, passed by City Council November 23, 2016 and effective December 23, 2016.

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