BHR-17.09 - Labor Agreement - District Council Of Trade Unions - Water Operations Mechanic

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The Council finds:
  1. Negotiations leading to a master Labor Agreement between the City and DCTU that concluded in December 2004 referred certain classification specific matters to "small team negotiations." One of the "small team negotiations" addressed certain terms and conditions for employees in the classification of Water Operations Mechanic.
  2. A tentative agreement between the parties was obtained on October 7, 2004. DCTU confirmed that it had ratified the tentative agreement in a written communication dated October 22, 2004.
  3. The agreement continues to apply the principles of total compensation as the basis for bargaining all monetary subjects and considers the wage rate and premiums as a component of total compensation. The negotiated wage rate for 2005 will be tied to the Portland CPI-W.
  4. In addition to the adjustment in the wage rate, this negotiated agreement will require that all employees in this classification to obtain the basic Water Distribution certification of WD1. The negotiated agreement will encourage employees to achieve higher levels of certification through the economic incentive of a premium pay that will be paid for hours worked.
  5. The terms and conditions shall be reduced to a Memorandum of Agreement, which the Mayor should be authorized to execute.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:
a. The Mayor is authorized to execute a Memorandum of Agreement between the City and the DCTU relating to terms and conditions of employment of certain represented employees in the DCTU bargaining unit having the classifications of Water operations Mechanic.
b. Said Memorandum of Agreement is to conform to the provisions in the Tentative Agreement attached to this Ordinance marked Exhibit "A" which by this reference is made a part hereof.
c. This ordinance is a binding City policy.

Ordinance No. 178858 passed by Council and effective November 3, 2004.

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