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BHR-17.02 - Labor Agreement - Portland Police Association - 2002-2006

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The Council finds:

  1. Representatives of the City and the PPA have conducted negotiations, including exercising their respective rights pursuant to the impasse resolution procedures included in the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), in securing a successor to the 1999-2002 Labor Agreement.

  2. The impasse resolution procedures were concluded with the issuance of the Analysis and Award by Arbitrator Carlton Snow pursuant to ORS 243.746(5) and ORS 243.752(1).

  3. Subsequent to the issuance of the Analysis and Award referenced above, representatives of the City and the PPA tentatively agreed to stipulate to certain amendments in said Analysis and Award as provided in ORS 243 243.752(2). Specifically the parties tentatively agreed to extend the term of the Labor Agreement to June 30, 2006.

  4. The City’s obligations under PECBA have been satisfied. The "Analysis and Award is "final and binding upon the parties" as provided in under ORS 243.752(1). Therefore, the terms and conditions shall be reduced to a labor agreement which the Mayor and Auditor are authorized to execute.


NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:

a. The Mayor and Auditor are authorized to execute a labor agreement between the City and the PPA relating to terms and conditions of employment of certain represented employees in the PPA bargaining unit.

b. Said contract to conform to the provisions in the draft Labor Agreement attached to this Ordinance marked Exhibit "A" which by this reference is made a part hereof.

c. This ordinance is a binding City policy.


Ordinance No. 178591, passed by Council July 14, 2004.

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