HRAR-2.07 - City Nasal Naloxone Use for Non-First Responders

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the general responsibilities of City of Portland employees who voluntarily administer nasal naloxone in response to suspected opioid overdose.

This policy applies to all City of Portland employees who are willing to voluntarily administer nasal naloxone except Portland Police Bureau and Portland Fire Bureau employees who are subject to their own nasal naloxone policies.

This policy is initiated by the Bureau of Human Resources.


In the interest of public health and safety, including City staff, the City of Portland makes nasal naloxone available to its employees along with basic training in the use of nasal naloxone. Employees who voluntarily administer naloxone will do so in accordance with the procedures described in this policy. City employees may volunteer to be trained in the use of nasal naloxone and, may administer the drug when opioid overdose is suspected.

Administering nasal naloxone, which could help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, does not replace the need for professional medical attention. This policy applies to all City bureaus except Portland Police Bureau and Portland Fire & Rescue sworn employees.


Program and Bureau Administrators

  1. The City of Portland's Occupational Health and Well-being Program Manager, or their designee, will serve as the medical consultant for the City's naloxone program. They will support training, procurement of naloxone, and post-incident employee support and debrief when requested.
  2. Each City bureau that chooses to make naloxone available to its employees will designate a naloxone program administrator for its bureau.
  3. The bureau administrators will track the training of employees on the use of naloxone to encourage adequate number of trained staff are available and to monitor the dispensing and supply of naloxone.
  4. Each use of naloxone will be reported to the bureau administrator and program administrator on the form provided.

Contacts and Resources

Program support can be provided by contacting the City of Portland Occupational Health team. Additional details are also included in the Guidance document related to this rule and may be updated as the program, policy or procedures evolve. 

Historical notes


Interim Rule adopted by Chief Human Resources Officer, effective September 28, 2023

Adopted by the Acting Director of the Bureau of Human Resources on May 3, 2024 and effective March 28, 2024

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