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HRAR-3.14 - College Work-Study Program

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Program Objectives 

The Work Study Program is a federally funded program authorized by the Higher Education Act of 1965. It provides employment to college students who otherwise may not be able to complete their education. The program is not intended to supplant or replace City positions.

The Bureau of Human Resources executes contracts with colleges on behalf of the City bureaus and provides administrative support for the Work-Study Program. This support includes position creation, payroll, personnel action processing, grant tracking, billings and assisting with the marketing of student positions at colleges.

Work Study appointments are used to enable students to gain practical knowledge and further prepare a student for a particular occupation. A suitable plan for training under close supervision should be developed for the individual and a schedule for work must be determined.

Work-study employees serve at will and shall not accrue status in the class in which they have been hired and shall have no appeal rights upon demotion, suspension or termination from the class. Work-study employees do not receive leave, service credit, retirement or health benefits. They are not eligible for priority reemployment under the Administrative Rule on Reinstatement or Layoff & Recall and do not have bumping rights.

Who Pays for Work-Study?

Bureaus are responsible for paying a percentage of a student’s gross wages (depending on which school the student is from) plus an estimated five percent for other payroll expenses. Colleges finance the remaining portion of the wage paid to working students.

Creating Positions

Bureaus have discretion to create positions, interview, hire, and set wages within federal guidelines. All student grants expire at the end of spring term and are terminated on or before June 15. All students awarded summer grants must be rehired on June 16 after receiving a certification or authorization from the college.

To create a position, submit a Student Employee Job Description to the Bureau of Human Resources. Human Resources will then post the description at all participating colleges. Generally, four-year colleges do not allow positions involving teaching and instruction related tasks. Bureaus will be notified immediately if the position has not been approved by the colleges.

Wages are set at bureau discretion within an hourly compensation range set by the respective colleges. Overtime is strictly prohibited.

Hiring Work-Study Students

Students contact the hiring authority directly for interviews. All students must bring their letter showing a Work-Study award to Human Resources and complete hiring paperwork before they may begin work.

Documents needed:

  1. proof of work study grant (i.e. certificate of eligibility or authorization referral)
  2. valid I.D.
  3. letter from the bureau stating:
    1. the desire to hire
    2. student’s name
    3. wage rate
    4. effective date
    5. authorized position title to be hired into f. bureau center code.

Time Sheets

Time sheets are due to the Bureau of Human Resources on the last day of payroll periods. Complete as much as possible, leaving all copies attached. Human Resources will compute City earnings to date where necessary and send the bureau a copy of the time sheet sent to the school.

Hours of Work

The hours students can work vary. Generally, 40hr/week at four-year colleges, 20 hr/week at two-year colleges and up to 40 hr/week during breaks. Written request to work during breaks may be required by the college. Students are to work no more than eight hours per day, 40 hours per week and no more than five consecutive days. No overtime is permitted.


Appointing authorities may give raises at their discretion, subject to the hourly compensation range set by the respective college. Contact the Bureau of Human Resources via memo indicating the new wage rate. Human Resources will notify a bureau if additional paperwork is necessary to implement the raise. Raises can be given any time but can only be retroactive to the beginning of the current pay period.

Grant Tracking

The Bureau of Human Resources will make every effort to track grant amounts and inform bureaus of low balances. Student supervisors need to regularly communicate with students in order to track their grant balance. Bureaus will be required to compensate students directly for earnings beyond their grant.


Bureaus must immediately notify the Bureau of Human Resources if a student is released from Work-Study employment. Human Resources will notify the college.


College Work Study Program employees who are on a college’s payroll are covered by SAIF or other City recognized and approved workers’ compensation insurance carrier. In the event of an injury, supervisors should contact the Bureau of Human Resources as soon as possible. College Work-Study Program employees on the City’s payroll are covered by the City’s Workers’ Compensation Program. In the event of an injury of students on the City’s payroll, supervisors should consult the Administrative Rule on Workers’ Compensation for reporting.

Contact Information

Please refer questions to Work-Study Coordinator or call 503-823-3532.

Historical notes


Adopted by Council March 6, 2002, Ordinance No. 176302

Effective April 5, 2002

Revised October 15, 2002

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