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An Eligible List is a record of the names of those candidates successfully passing the recruitment and examination process. Eligible lists are developed from recruitment processes (see the HR Administrative Rule on Recruitment) that are based on the assessment of specific knowledge, skills, abilities, licenses and other job related qualifications for a position or a group of positions in the same specialty or classification. Names of candidates are placed on an Eligible List after successful participation in the process designed for a specific recruitment. There are two types of lists:

Ranked List

All candidates successfully passing the recruitment process are placed on the eligible list in order of their final score.

Equally Ranked List

All candidates successfully passing the recruitment process are given the rank of one (1) and placed on the equally ranked eligibility list in alphabetical order. The hiring managers work with the Bureau of Human Resources Site Team staff to develop position specific criteria to select candidates for the selection process.

Life Span of Eligible Lists

Eligible Lists for non-represented classifications will be abolished after the initial Referral/Certification.

Eligible Lists for represented classifications will be reviewed twice yearly and may be abolished based on the number of candidates available, frequency of use and needs of the bureau(s). Otherwise, the eligible list will remain active until expired by the Director of Human Resources or upon request of a bureau hiring authority and approved by the Director of Human Resources or designee.

An Eligible List more than three years old from the date of establishment may not be used unless approved by the Director of Human Resources.

Resurrecting an Expired Eligible List

Once expired, an Eligible List that is more than three years old from the date it was established may not be resurrected unless approved by the Director of Human Resources.

An expired Eligible List for a represented classification may not be resurrected if there is a current eligible list for the classification. An expired Eligible List for a non-represented classification can be resurrected if it is the most recent bureau specific eligible list established or if it is the most recent eligible list established in a specific classification.

Surveying the Eligible List

Surveying the Eligible List is a process to determine if members of the applicant pool are still available for hire, or to determine if they have a skill set required for a vacancy that was not addressed during the recruitment. See Selective Certification below.

To survey an Eligible List:

1. To survey for availability, Human Resources will send an email to all candidates on the list who have not been hired.

Candidates are given a deadline by which to return the survey. Candidates who did not respond or who indicated that they were unavailable are removed from the Eligible List and are marked inactive in the City system.

To survey for additional skills, Human Resources will assist the hiring bureau in preparing and mailing a survey

Referral/Certification from Eligible List

1. When a hiring authority decides to fill a vacancy in the classified service from an Eligible List, they must submit a Requisition to the Bureau of Human Resources.

2. Employees on the injured worker list and the recall list must be given priority prior to certifying any additional names, in the following order: First to any qualified injured worker (see HR Administrative Rule Injured Employee Return To Work); second to the most senior person on the recall list meeting minimum qualifications (see HR Administrative Rule Layoff & Recall), and third to any qualified employee participating in the City redeployment program (See HR Administrative Rule Redeployment).

3. The names of any qualified employees who have requested a transfer will also be submitted to the hiring bureau along with the Referral/Certification list.

4. For ranked lists, names shall be certified by criteria as determined by the hiring authority

5. For equally ranked lists, all applicants will be referred/certified to the bureau.

In the absence of a current list, the Director may refer/certify an alternate list where applicants tested for substantially similar skills. See Referral/Certification from Alternate Eligible List Through Exam Comparability below.

Selective Referral/Certification

When a hiring authority needs to hire a person who has specific, special skills outside the basic requirements, the Director may selectively refer/certify the names of eligible candidates on the basis of the specific knowledge, skills, abilities or other characteristics required by a particular position.

The Requisition must include the criteria on which the selective referral/certification will be based. The human resources referral/certification will contain the candidates who fit the selective criteria.

Referral/Certification through Training Plans

See Administrative Rule on Training Plans for the promotion of employees in the classified service through satisfactory completion of training, education and career development assignments.

Referral/Certification from Alternate Eligible List Through Exam Comparability

A hiring authority may request to fill a vacant position using an alternate eligible list when no current eligible list exists for the classification of the vacant position, if the Human Resources Director or designee determines that the recruitment for the alternate list contained the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the classification of the vacant position.

Withholding Referral/Certification

The Director may remove or withhold from Referral/Certification the names of any person on an eligible list who the Director determines:

1. lacks the minimum qualifications specified on the announcement; or

2. has made false statements of any material fact or has practiced or attempted to practice deception or fraud in the application, examination or in seeking eligibility for appointment; or

3. is physically unable, with reasonable accommodation as prescribed by federal and state law, to perform the duties of the class; or

4. has been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude and such felony or other crime is directly related to the job applied for; or

5. has been dismissed from the City service for cause; or

6. has used or attempted to use political pressure or bribery to secure an advantage in examination or appointment; or

7. has resigned in lieu of discipline or termination or during a disciplinary investigation.

Prior to taking action under (5) or (7) above the Director will determine whether there are any special circumstances or accommodations that should be considered.

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Adopted by Council March 6, 2002, Ordinance No. 176302, Effective April 5, 2002

Revised October 15, 2002 Revised July 28, 2003 Revised January 4, 2008, Ordinance No. 181459

Revised April 17, 2009

Revised October 19, 2010

Revised November 4, 2011

Revised December 4, 2013

Revised April 25, 2016

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