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HRAR-7.11 - Unemployment Claims

Administrative Rules Adopted by City Council (ARC)
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The City of Portland is a covered employer under the State of Oregon Unemployment Insurance. Employees may be eligible for unemployment insurance compensation if employment with the City of Portland is terminated under circumstances which meet the eligibility criteria established by the State of Oregon Employment Department.


A former employee must file with the Employment Department to be considered for unemployment insurance.

Information provided by the claimant and the City of Portland will be considered before the Employment Department determines an individual's eligibility for unemployment benefits and an individual may be entitled to an employment hearing.

Disqualifying Conditions

Generally, voluntary resignations, refusal to accept a reasonable offer of employment or reemployment, unavailability for work and misconduct may be disqualifying conditions for unemployment insurance.


The Bureau of Human Resources coordinates all matters related to unemployment insurance and provides the City's responses to all inquiries from the unemployment insurance offices.

Any bureau receiving a “Notice of Claim Filed” shall immediately forward it to the Bureau of Human Resources. All questions, concerns, or unemployment insurance forms should be immediately directed Bureau of Human Resources at 106/987/BHR.

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Adopted by Council March 6, 2002, Ordinance No. 176302

Effective April 5, 2002

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