HRAR-7.05 - Separation from Service

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Any employee wishing to leave the City service in good standing shall file a written resignation with his/her appointing authority. This notice shall be given at least two weeks before leaving, stating the date the resignation shall become effective and the reason for leaving. Unless unforeseen circumstances intervene or as otherwise agreed to by the appointing authority, failure to give proper notice of resignation will render an employee ineligible for reinstatement under the Administrative Rule on Reinstatement.

Bureau managers shall forward a copy of all resignation notices and supporting documents to the Bureau of Human Resources, as soon as practicable but in no case later than the effective date of the resignation.


Employees retiring under PERS are encouraged to submit their Application for Service Retirement 90 days before the effective retirement date. Visit the PERS website for information about the procedure, and documents that must be submitted to apply for retirement. Employees should notify their supervisor at the time they submit their application to PERS in order to complete the appropriate paperwork. Once notified, the timekeeper will submit a Notice of Separation from a PERS Covered Position to Payroll and all necessary information will be forwarded to PERS.

Employees covered under the Police & Fire Pension Fund should consult the plan documents for information regarding retirement.

See Administrative Rule on Employment of Retirees for continued employment following retirement.

Appointment Ended

An Appointment Ended separation occurs when a Limited Duration employee’s appointment has ended or a Limited Term Position has expired. If the employee voluntarily resigns before the date the appointment ends, it will be considered a “resignation”. See Administrative Rule on Types of Appointments.

Employee Separation Procedures

  1. Operating Bureau Personnel Administrator/Timekeeper prepares a COP Separation Checklist & Off-Cycle Check Request and submits the original to the Central Time Administrator before 10:00 a.m. for same day payment.
  2. Bureau completes a personnel action in SAP.
  3. Employee or Timekeeper completes the employee’s timesheet in SAP.
  4. Supervisor to complete the Employee Separation Notice and Checklist, including but not limited to, notifying the Bureau of Technology Services to disable network access, the Facilities Services Division to disable the employee’s identification card and the Procurement Card Program Administrator in the Bureau of Purchases to cancel the employee’s procurement card.

Death of an Employee

In the unfortunate event of the death of an employee, the hiring authority shall process a personnel action indicating such to the Bureau of Human Resources. Once the Benefits office receives notification, Benefits will verify employee beneficiary designation and a letter and death claim form will be sent to the beneficiary for filing with Standard Insurance. The Benefits office will send COBRA insurance information as well. Central payroll will process any reconciliation of PERS. A surviving spouse or beneficiary should contact PERS and Standard Insurance directly regarding benefits.

Family members of the employee are welcomed and encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for any personal assistance they may need. See Administrative Rule on the Employee Assistance Program.


See Administrative Rules on Layoff & Recall and Medical Layoff.


All Terminations will be in accordance with the Administrative Rule on Discipline.

Job Abandonment

Any unauthorized absence from work may result in discipline up to and including discharge. Depending upon its length, an unauthorized absence could be determined to be job abandonment resulting in discharge.

Exit Checklists

Exit Checklists shall be used to inform the employee of the status of unused leave life and health insurance benefits upon separation from the City, pension eligibility and to arrange for the return of all City property. It is the responsibility of the hiring authority to ensure an exit checklist is completed for all employees separating from the City.

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Adopted by Council March 6, 2002, Ordinance No. 176302

Effective April 5, 2002

Revised September 16, 2005

Revised July 9, 2007

Revised October 19, 2010

Revised November 4, 2011

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