HRAR-9.03 - Training Plans

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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A training plan is a tool used to promote eligible employees through satisfactory completion of training, education and career development factors in lieu of the regular examination process.


To be eligible, participants must:

Internal Eligibility

  1. be permanently appointed City employees;
  2. meet the criteria identified in the training plan opportunity announcement; and
  3. not currently meet the qualifications of the training plan position

External Eligibility

  1. City Bureaus must complete an internal recruitment and evaluate existing staff prior to posting an external training plan.
  2. External candidates must meet the criteria identified in the training plan opportunity announcement; and
  3. not currently meet the qualifications of the training plan position


A bureau wishing to fill a position through a training plan must first make a written request to the appropriate Human Resource Analyst identifying the position they wish to fill, the timeline, selection process and application evaluation criteria to be used to fill the position. The analyst will identify any additional information necessary to evaluate the request.

Generally, a training plan will not be pre-approved:

  1. 1. if there are names of qualified persons on the laid-off list for the targeted classification; or
  2. if there are names of qualified persons on the injured worker list for the targeted classification; or
  3. if the selection process identified by the bureau is not valid, including but not limited to the scope and timeline for recruitment.

Posting of a Training Plan Opportunity

Once the human resources analyst has approved the request to proceed with a training plan, the bureau with the vacancy will post a notice in a manner described in the approved request.

The training plan announcement must identify the classification, position duties and responsibilities, the critical knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the job, salary (once training is completed), method of application (resume, cover letter, etc.), and the contact person’s name and phone number.

The training plan announcement must be posted for a minimum of five working days.

Application and Selection Process

Selection of a person to fill the training plan must be a competitive process. Applications are received and maintained by the hiring authority. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by person(s) selected by the hiring authority and all applicants are notified of the result(s) of that review.

Plan Development

The selected employee and the bureau must review the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) required for the position as stated in the classification specification.

The selected employee and the bureau manager will identify to what degree the employee possesses each of the KSA's for the targeted position. The manager and employee will then identify how the employee will be trained to meet each requirement including:

  1. The methods that will be used to develop the KSA. The Training Plan should include a combination of course work, on the job training, seminars, selfstudy, etc.
  2. The date that the training for each KSA is projected to be completed.

Length of Training Plans

Training plans must be designed to run from a minimum of six months to a maximum of two (2) years.

Approval Developed Training Plan

The bureau must submit the developed training plan to their HR Business Partner (HRBP) for review. The HRBP reviews the training plan against the criteria listed below. Criteria will include such factors as:

  1. Are all of the KSA's (found in the Class Specification) for the targeted classification listed verbatim and in order?
  2. Does the training plan clearly describe the trainee's current level of expertise for each KSA listed?
  3. Will the trainee need training in the majority of the KSAs?
  4. Are the proposed training components appropriate and reasonable for raising the trainee's KSA levels to the required levels of the targeted classification?
  5. Is there a combination of OJT, self-study, formal classes throughout the training plan?
  6. Will the training be completed within the required timeframe?

If all the criteria are satisfactory and are appropriately recorded, the training plan will be forwarded to the Senior HR Analyst for review and approval before recommending approval by the Workforce Recruitment and Training Manager for final approval. The training plan officially begins on the date the Workforce Recruitment and Training Manager approves the plan.

Completing the Training Plan

During the course of the training plan, supervisors should sign off on each KSA as the training for that KSA has been completed. If the benchmarks are not being met, the supervisor may revise, extend or discontinue a training plan.

Approval of Completed Training Plan

Once the employee has met all of the training plan objectives, the hiring authority submits the completed training plan to the human resources analyst for final approval. Documentation of the completed training plan should include a record of classes, courses, on the job training, certificates, and other activities completed along with the supervisor’s initials and the date of completion for each item. The training plan must be signed by all appropriate parties, including the bureau Director.

Upon verifying that the required conditions have been met, the analyst will forward the completed plan to the Workforce Recruitment and Training Manager requesting final approval. Completed training plans are approved on or after the date the final, completed training plan is received in the Bureau of Human Resources. The employee is eligible for promotion to the target class once their director approves completion of the plan. To affect a promotion, the bureau completes a personnel action. Upon promotion, the employee will also need to complete the applicable probationary period in the new, higher level classification before regular status is achieved.


An employee on a formal training plan in a higher classification is not promoted to the higher classification until completion of the training plan. The employee's salary shall be paid in accordance with the applicable compensation schedule that applies to their current classification.

Once a training plan has been successfully completed and the employee is permanently appointed to the higher classification, the employee may be placed in the salary range of the higher classification as indicated by the training plan.

Historical notes


Adopted by Council March 6, 2002, Ordinance No. 176302

Effective April 5, 2002

Revised July 1, 2004

Revised November 4, 2011

Revised April 25, 2016

Revised February 13, 2019

Revised January 1, 2020

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