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FIN-1.52 - FY 2011-12 Fall Supplemental Budget

Binding City Policies (BCP)
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Section 1. The Council finds:

1.  The City Council has received a memorandum from the Financial Planning Division (FPD) of the Office of Management and Finance (OMF) summarizing the budget adjustments to be made during the FY 2011-12 Fall Supplemental Budget Process.

2.  The memorandum identifies programs, projects, or activities that require appropriation adjustment or transfer of appropriation within bureau budgets.

3.  The memorandum also identifies costs known in future years that should be added to base budgets for General Fund bureaus in the form of Current Appropriation Level adjustments.

4.  Exhibit 1, attached, includes all incremental changes to the City appropriation schedule as a result of the Fall Supplemental Budget Process.

5.  Exhibit 2, attached, shows, for informational purposes, a reconciliation of changes to all funds.

6.  Exhibit 3, attached, shows, for informational purposes, all requests materially affecting the General Fund.

7.  Exhibit 4, attached, shows all permanent position changes.

8.  The FY 2011-12 Adopted Budget includes two Budget Notes that require FPD and OMF to report on a number of issues.

9.  FPD is complying with these Budget Notes through Council acceptance of the Exhibits 5 and 6, attached.


NOW THEREFORE, the Council directs:

a.  The FY 2011-12 Appropriation Schedule is hereby amended by adjusting appropriations for certain expenditures in various funds as indicated by the increases and decreases presented in Exhibit 1.

b.  The number of authorized positions in the FY 2011-12 Adopted Budget is hereby amended as presented in Exhibit 4.

c.  FPD shall increase the FY 2012-13 ongoing discretionary target of Portland Parks & Recreation by $88,932 to fund operations and maintenance of newly acquired or developed assets.

d.  City Council accepts the report and recommendations in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Task Force CIP Document and Process Recommendations, attached as Exhibit 5.

e.  City Council accepts the update on various public safety projects, attached as Exhibit 6.

f.  The actions amending the FY 2011-12 budget contained in this ordinance are binding City policy.

Section 2. The Council declares that an emergency exists in order that FY 2011-12 Fall budget adjustments are implemented without delay; therefore, this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by Council.

Link to Memorandum and Additional Documents  (PDF Document, 1 MB)

Link to Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6  (PDF Document, 3 MB)


Emergency Ordinance No. 185006, passed by City Council and effective November 16, 2011.

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