ENN-4.01 - Lower Columbia Steelhead Recovery Plan

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WHEREAS, the quality of our life in Portland is directly related to our protection and stewardship of natural resources such as our land, earth, air and water; and

WHEREAS, populations of steelhead trout have declined significantly as the result of many factors, including habitat loss, reductions in water quality, and fish harvest. These factors have resulted in steelhead populations that are precariously close to the brink of extinction; and

WHEREAS, among the steelhead trout populations listed on March 13, 1998 as a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act are those whose home streams drain into the Lower Columbia River, including the Willamette, Sandy and Bull Run rivers; and

WHEREAS, the success of protection and restoration efforts for steelhead trout and other at-risk fish is dependent on a partnership between federal, regional, state and local government agencies, the private whatsnew sector, and the local community; and

WHEREAS, the City of Portland is the largest municipality within the Lower Columbia Basin and is in a position to assist in regional and state steelhead trout recovery efforts; and

WHEREAS, in particular, the City Bureaus already are taking steps to improve habitat and water quality in rivers, and their tributaries, flowing into the lower Columbia for the benefit of fish and the regional environment and are working to identify additional conservation and enhancement measures in which they can participate; and

WHEREAS, the City of Portland is committed to developing and cultivating a sustainable future for its community and wisely managing the resources upon which its environmental, social and economic health rely; and

WHEREAS, the activities of citizens and City government can affect the future of these threatened species; and

WHEREAS, the members of the Council of the City of Portland share our citizens' values of a healthy environment and responsibility for the preservation of our natural resources; and

WHEREAS, the City of Portland must find approaches that support the recovery of endangered species and at the same time meet other city and regional goals to secure the livability of our city and region; and

WHEREAS, Portland Future Focus calls for maintaining livability in Portland through an integrated planning process which focuses growth in appropriate places while protecting the natural environment and enhancing neighborhoods;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portland, Oregon,

(1) that the City will respond to the Endangered Species Act listing of the steelhead with an integrated, City- wide effort;

(2) that the City-wide effort will include the formation of an Endangered Species Act Steering Committee that will share information and make recommendations, when appropriate, concerning the listings within the City;

(3) that all the appropriate Bureaus will have a representative on the Endangered Species Act Steering Committee and participate fully in the work of this committee to provide a unified City response;

(4) that the Commissioner of Public Works is authorized and directed to oversee the development of a City- wide response to the steelhead listing by the Bureaus of Water Works and Environmental Services, with support from the Endangered Species Act Steering Committee;

(5) that the City will work in a partnership with National Marine Fisheries Service to develop a programmatic response to the listing;

(6) that the City will strive to minimize uncertainty for its on-going activities and for its citizens during the time it takes to develop and implement a programmatic response to the listing;

(7) that the City will engage in a screening level assessment of its current and planned activities the cost of which will be carried by the City's general fund and the Steering Committee, in coordination with the Office of Finance and Administration, will develop a recommendation for the sharing of future project costs amongst involved city bureaus;

(8) that the City will work proactively to the best of its ability, through regulatory compliance, creation of incentives, and otherwise, to support the recovery of steelhead populations;

(9) that the City will work in partnership with other metropolitan jurisdictions, including Metro, and the States of Oregon and Washington to develop a regional steelhead recovery plan that is consistent with regional growth management and livability policies; and

(10) that the City will engage the public in the development of the steelhead recovery plan.


Filed for inclusion in PPD June 13, 2003.
Resolution No. 35715
Adopted by Council July 29, 1998.

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