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ENB-11.55 - Broadway Corridor Framework Plan

Non-Binding City Policies (NCP)
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Non-Binding City Policy



WHEREAS, the Portland Development Commission (“PDC”) is undertaking the River District Urban Renewal Plan, adopted September 25, 1998, and subsequently amended (the “Plan”);

WHEREAS, relocation and acquisition of the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) Processing and Distribution Center (“USPS Site”) at 715 NW Hoyt Street in the River District Urban Renewal Area (“URA”) has long been envisioned by the general public, elected officials, and adopted land use and development plans as one of the most significant redevelopment sites in Portland’s central city;

WHEREAS, the 2015 West Quadrant Plan approved by Portland City Council on March 5, 2015, states that the PDC and partners should encourage the relocation of the regional distribution facility and redevelop the USPS Site for a high density mix of uses (including affordable and market rate housing, office, and retail) and new city attractions (including the provision of civic parks, open space amenities, and signature connections) between the Pearl District and Old Town/Chinatown, and between the North Park Blocks and the Broadway Bridge;

WHEREAS, PDC currently owns several properties located within the immediate vicinity, including Union Station, Block U and Block R, and is in negotiations with USPS for the potential acquisition of the USPS site;

WHEREAS, the Broadway Corridor Framework Plan (“Framework Plan”) was completed with direction from a multi-disciplinary consultant team and significant stakeholder participation including a Technical Advisory Committee, Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and extensive regional public input that was the result of innovative public involvement strategies;

WHEREAS, the Framework Plan provides a strategic vision for development of the broader Broadway Corridor study area and outlines a preferred development concept for the USPS site, including a proposal for increased entitlement to density and height, to be incorporated into the Central City 2035 Plan and further refined in a future Master Plan;

WHEREAS, the objective of the Framework Plan is to provide greater certainty regarding PDC’s and the City’s development objectives and densities, desired public investments, and financial capacity, with a particular focus on the USPS site; and

WHEREAS, acquisition and redevelopment of the USPS site at increased entitlements has the capacity to provide additional resources for a range of public benefits, including transportation and open space; sustainability; and shared prosperity including affordable housing.  


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council hereby adopts the Framework Plan, attached hereto as Exhibit A, as Non-Binding City Policy.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the recommendations of the Broadway Corridor Framework Plan be integrated into the final Central City 2035 Plan package by the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, as appropriate, anticipated in 2016 and in preparation for a Master Plan.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City Council gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the Broadway Corridor Stakeholder Advisory Committee and members of the public who participated in the planning process.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the City asserts that future development within the study area should include a significant number of affordable housing units and that the development approach should be consistent with the Central City 2035 Plan’s goal of 30% of all new units targeting affordability at 0-80% of median family income given that tax increment set-aside money is for 0-60%.

Link to Exhibit A - Broadway Corridor Framework Plan  (PDF Document, 79.1 MB)


Resolution No. 37165, adopted by City Council November 5, 2015.