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The complete text of the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan Action Chartsis available for download as a PDF document.

WHEREAS, the Woodstock Neighborhood plan is a neighborhood-initiated plan covering the policy areas of Traffic and Transportation; Parks, Recreation, and Environmental Resources; Diversity; Business and Economic Development; Urban Design, Historic Preservation, and Neighborhood Livability; Housing; and Crime Prevention and Public Safety; and

WHEREAS, Woodstock Neighborhood households, businesses, institutions, public and non-profit corporation service providers, and community-based organizations and associations have participated in the Woodstock Neighborhood's eighteen month planning process and worked together to develop a shared vision of the neighborhood's future, identify public and private resources for implementation of the plan's policies and objectives, and coordinate strategies among implementors to achieve the neighborhood's envisioned future; and

WHEREAS, the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan was systematically reviewed and is supported by Metro, Multnomah County, Tri-Met, Portland Office of Transportation, Office of Neighborhood Associations, Portland Bureau of Buildings, Portland Bureau of Housing and Community Development, Portland Development Commission, Portland Bureau of Water, Portland Fire Bureau and Portland Police Bureau; and
WHEREAS, adoption of the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan has been approved by the Woodstock Neighborhood Association and Woodstock Community Business Association; and
WHEREAS, more than fifty percent of the actions listed in the Implementation Chart have as implementors community-based organizations and associations such as the Woodstock Neighborhood Association, Woodstock Public Safety Committee, Woodstock Community Business Association, Chinese Social Service Center, Russian Oregon Social Services, Friends of Johnson Creek, SOLV, Woodstock Branch Library, and Friends of Trees, and
WHEREAS, the action chart implementation framework of 20 years is timed and phased to take into account the incremental achievement of plan policies and objectives within the limited resources available to identified voluntary plan implementors over time; and
WHEREAS, identification of an implementor for an action item in an implementation chart is an expression of interest and support with the understanding that circumstances may affect an implementor's ability and timing to take action; and
WHEREAS, the attainment of the vision statement, policies and objectives of the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan are dependent upon the coordination of independent actions carried out by private interests, non-profit organizations, area institutions, public service providers and community-based associations, over the 20 year period of the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portland, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon that the City Council adopts the implementation action charts of the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan which was adopted by the Council as Ordinance No. 169488 on November 15, 1995.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Portland, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon, that the City Council authorizes and directs the Bureau of Planning Staff to make minor changes and corrections to the action charts in the Woodstock Neighborhood Plan to reflect future changes in circumstances since the original drafting and adoption of an action such as an action having been completed or the establishment of a program which accomplishes the action but in a slightly different manner than is stated in the plan.

Resolution No. 35463 adopted by Council November 15, 1995.
Filed for inclusion in PPD September 28, 2004.

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