ARA-4.02 - Audio and Video Recording and Photography Restrictions

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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A.  Purpose and Authority

Chapter 3.18 of the Portland City Code sets forth rules governing the conduct of all persons on City property and authorizes the adoption of additional rules for specific City properties. Section 2-506(a) of the Portland City Charter permits the City Auditor to establish rules for the Auditor’s Office.

The Auditor’s Office encourages the public to access its offices to conduct legitimate business, but most areas within the offices of the Auditor’s Office are not for public use. This rule restricts audio and video recording and photography in the Auditor’s Office, in accordance with applicable law, to avoid interruptions to Auditor’s Office operations, protect the privacy of Auditor’s Office employees, and shield confidential information from unauthorized disclosure. This rule also seeks to facilitate public access to the offices of the Auditor’s Office and to help protect the privacy and confidentiality of members of the public when accessing Auditor’s Office services.

B.  Audio and Video Recording and Photography Restrictions

  1. Audio and video recording and photography are prohibited within the offices of the Auditor’s Office, except as follows:
    1. Records may be recorded or photographed in the Research Room of the Portland Archives and Records Center, located at 1800 SW 6th Ave., Suite 550.
    2. Interviews conducted by the Independent Police Review (IPR) may be recorded in accordance with IPR policies and applicable laws and agreements.
    3. An Auditor’s Office Division manager may authorize audio or video recording or photography, for good cause shown, with the consent of all parties to be recorded or photographed. The manager shall place conditions on the recording or photography to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.
    4. Audio and video recording and photography is authorized where permitted by applicable law or agreements.
  2. Questions about whether audio or video recording or photography is permitted in specific circumstances should be directed to the Division manager before the recording is made. If Division managers have questions, they should contact the Auditor’s Office General Counsel.
  3. Copies of this rule will be made available, upon request, in all offices of the Auditor’s Office.

Auditor’s Office Administrative Rule Information and History Questions about this administrative rule may be directed to the Auditor’s Office’s Operations Management Division


Adopted by the City Auditor December 14, 2018.
Amended by the City Auditor on August 4, 2020.

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