ARA-13.05 - Campaign Finance: Contribution Limits

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Background: These rules are based on a voter-approved Charter amendment, related City Code, and subsequent court rulings.

  1. The following are the only contributions permitted to be made to and received by candidates during an election cycle:

    1. For any individual or political committee, up to the corresponding amount listed in Appendix A; and

    2. For a qualified small donor committee as defined in Code Section 2.10.080 P., contributions in any amount.

  2. Candidates are prohibited from receiving contributions from any entity other than a political committee or qualified small donor committee as defined in Code Section 2.10.080 P.

  3. Contributions made by candidates to their own campaign committees are not subject to the contribution limits.

  4. Contributors and candidate committees found to be in violation of the contribution limits are subject to mandatory civil penalties ranging from two to 20 times the amount of any unlawful contribution.

  5. A contribution is considered to be received as of the applicable ORESTAR reporting deadline for the contribution in ORS 260.057(2) or (3)(a)(A)–(B). A contribution refunded or declined before the applicable reporting deadline is not considered to have been received.

  6. Contributions do not include the following:

    1. Funds provided by the Open and Accountable Elections Program (“Public Funding Program”), or

    2. The following in-kind goods or services: rooms, phones, or internet access for use by a candidate committee for free or at a reduced charge.

  7. Candidates participating in the Public Funding Program may accept contributions under the limits prescribed by that program. Candidates who depart from the Public Funding Program voluntarily, involuntarily, or upon completion of the election cycle specific to that program become subject to all campaign finance contribution limits defined in Code Chapter 2.10, as adjusted for inflation in Appendix A.

    Example: Candidate Z exits the Public Funding Program due to the election cycle running its course for that program. Since the campaign finance election cycle, as defined in ARA 13.02(E), runs longer than the Public Funding Program election cycle, Candidate Z cannot accept any additional contributions during the remainder of the campaign finance election cycle if Candidate Z already reached or exceeded the campaign finance contribution limits while participating in the Public Funding Program.

  8. Individuals have the right to make contributions to City candidates or City candidate committees by payroll deduction if the employer agrees or if such deduction is available to employees for any other purpose. Contributions by payroll deduction apply only to City candidates or City candidate committees.

Questions about this administrative rule may be directed to the City Elections Office


Adopted by the City Auditor on June 1, 2021

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