ARA-8.04 - Transferring Records to the Archives and Records Center (PARC)

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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Archives and Records Management (A/RM) operates the Archives and Records Center in order to provide City bureaus with a secure and cost-effective alternative to storing records in their offices. PARC provides many services to bureaus: storage, retrieval of records, re-filing, destructions and general records management assistance.


City Code Chapter 3.76.030 Archives and Records Management Program Creation and Administration

The City Auditor shall maintain a professional Archives and Records Management Program for the City, and shall be responsible for the care, maintenance and access of all City records.

City Charter 2-504 (a) 3 Auditor - Duties in General

Maintenance of all official records, including records of the various bureaus, records regarding the City Charter and City Code, and all other records regarding City business


1. In order to ensure the security and adherence to City records management policies, bureaus are required to store their records in their offices or at PARC.

2. Records stored at PARC must be classified using the bureau’s Records Retention Schedule and must not surpass their legally mandated retention period.

a. Records may be retained past their retention if necessary for: litigation, audit or for transfer to the Archives (Historical Collection).

3. Records that have fulfilled their legally mandated retention period may be transferred to PARC for direct destruction.

4. All records transferred to PARC, for storage or direct destruction, must be prepared according to the requirements found in the Records Manual.

5. Bureaus should schedule annual records maintenance days to encourage employees to manage their files according to approved Records Retention schedules and city and bureau policies.


1) Bureau responsibilities

a) Identify inactive records within their office needing to be stored at PARC. If any City records are stored within a non-City building or with a vendor, the bureau must notify PARC and arrange for transfer to PARC;

b) Match records with their appropriate Records Retention Schedule and follow the guidelines and procedures in the Records Manual for packing boxes, filling out paperwork and transferring the boxes to PARC.

c) Notify PARC when records require a litigation or audit hold and again notifying them when the hold is no longer necessary.

2) PARC responsibilities

a) Maintain current policies and procedures for storing boxes at PARC;

b) Verify that the Records Manual requirements have been met. When problems are identified with the boxes or their contents, PARC will:

i) Contact the sender to outline the issues and discuss how they can resolve the issue.


Ordinance No. 182637, passed by City Council April 1, 2009 and effective May 1, 2009.

Amended by the City Auditor November 8, 2012.

Administratively renamed ARA-8.04 on December 6, 2022

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