ARA-1.01 - Auditor's Office Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules Adopted by Bureaus Pursuant to Rule Making Authority (ARB)
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A. Purpose and Authority

The purpose of this rule is to provide an introduction to and overview of the Auditor’s Office’s administrative rules.

The mission of the Auditor’s Office is to promote open and accountable government by providing independent and impartial reviews, access to public information, and services for City government and the public.

In 2017, voters approved amendments to the Portland City Charter to increase the independence of the Auditor’s Office. Charter Section 2-506 requires the City Auditor to establish human resources and procurement rules for the Auditor’s Office, and authorizes the City Auditor to adopt, amend, and repeal other administrative rules to carry out the Auditor’s Office’s duties. Several sections of the City Code also expressly delegate rule-making authority to the City Auditor.1

The Auditor’s Office’s administrative rules set forth rules, policies, and procedures for carrying out the City Auditor’s duties, help to promote operational efficiencies, and enhance the mission of the Auditor’s Office.

It is the policy of the City Auditor to develop and maintain current and meaningful administrative rules.

B. Interpretation

  1. The City Auditor maintains authority for the interpretation and application of the Auditor’s Office’s administrative rules.
  2. It is the intent of the City Auditor that the Auditor’s Office’s administrative rules be liberally construed to carry out their purpose.

C. Severability

If any Auditor’s Office administrative rule, or any part of such rule, is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining rules.

1See, e.g., Chapter2.12 (Regulation of Lobbying Entities), 2.14 (Reporting by Political Consultants), 3.02 (Council Clerk/Contracts), 3.76 (Archives and Records Management), 3.77 (Office of the Ombudsman), and 3.21 (Independent Police Review)

Auditor’s Office Administrative Rule Information and History Questions about this administrative rule may be directed to the Auditor’s Office’s Operations Management Division


Adopted by the City Auditor November 30, 2018.
Amended by the City Auditor on August 4, 2020.

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