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ADM-14.05 - Water Quality Credits Policy

Administrative Rules Adopted by City Council (ARC)
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Administrative Rule Adopted by Council



The Portland Water Bureau is authorized to charge for water service and to adjust ratepayer accounts. (City Code Sections 3.24.020, 3.24.030, and 21.16.120). City Code Section 3.24.030 authorizes the Customer Services Group of the Portland Water Bureau to perform billing, collection and account management functions for City water systems and respond to customer inquiries.


To provide goodwill adjustments to ratepayers who have incurred additional expenses due to dirty water in their homes or businesses.


To acknowledge that water quality issues may temporarily occur following repair or maintenance to the City's water mains and to offer ratepayers compensation for minor expenses that may occur as a result.


  • Customer Service representatives are authorized to provide goodwill adjustments up to $25.00 on the ratepayer's water bill.
  • Requests for adjustments over $25.00 may be authorized by a supervisor or lead, or referred to Risk Management.
  • Adjustments will be based on the amount of expense the ratepayer claims to have incurred. We will rely on the best judgment of our Customer Service representatives in this regard.
  • Adjustments will be made to the next bill.
  • If someone other than the water user pays the water bill, the individual using the water will be responsible for working out arrangements with those that do pay the bill.
  • All goodwill adjustments granted will be noted on the ratepayer's account.


The goodwill adjustment will only be offered when the ratepayer states they have incurred an added expense above and beyond the normal inconvenience.


Customer Services Group Director


Resolution No. 36383 adopted by City Council March 1, 2006.

Amended by Resolution No. 36624, adopted by City Council July 16, 2008 and effective August 15, 2008.

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