ADM-14.04 - Collection of Personal Information Policy

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City Code Section 3.24.030 authorizes the Customer Services Group of the Portland Water Bureau to perform billing, collection and account management functions for the Portland Water Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services, respond to customer inquiries and manage financial assistance programs.

HB2599, effective July 27, 2005, amended Oregon Public Records Law and allows that certain information that may appear on billing records, including social security and drivers' license numbers, may be exempted from disclosure.

Specifically, the bill amends ORS 192.502 (27) and provides that the "names, dates of birth, driver license numbers, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses or Social Security numbers" of the City's water, sewer and stormwater account holders may be exempt from disclosure unless :

  • the account holder consents in writing or electronically; 
  • the disclosure is necessary for the City to provide services to the account;
  • the disclosure is required by a court order; or
  • disclosure is otherwise required by federal or state law.


To ensure account holders understand why personal information is requested and to guarantee personal privacy rights.


  • Customer Service staff will not intentionally share personal information unless for debt recovery or account management purposes.
  • If necessary to verify driver license information, Customer Services can use a third party vendor. 
  • The City will not deny service if an account holder refuses to provide Social Security or drivers license information.


  • The Customer Services Group of the Portland Water Bureau values the privacy rights of our account holders. 
  • The Portland Water Bureau will require all Customer Account Specialists and employees from other city bureaus who have access to account records to sign confidentiality statements. 
  • Social Security numbers and drivers license numbers are requested in order to enhance account identification, prevent duplicate account entries and to enhance debt recovery efforts.
  • Training will be provided to all Customer Service Representatives so that asking for social security/driver license numbers is automatic and ensures they fulfill the obligation of informing the account holder of the purposes for collecting this information.
  • Social security and drivers' license fields will be visible only to the customer service staff who are authorized to manage accounts.
  • The Call Center's hold message on the phone will include the statement:  "Personal information will be used for account management and debt recovery purposes."
  • The following sentence will appear on the bill:  "Personal information will be used for account management and debt recovery purposes."
  • Portland Water Bureau Customer Service will include the purpose for collecting the information and the privacy policy on its PortlandOnline web site.


Customer Services Group Director


Resolution No. 36383 adopted by City Council March 1, 2006.

Amended by Resolution No. 36624, adopted by City Council July 16, 2008 and effective August 15, 2008.

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