ADM-18.31 - City's Equity Budget Tool and Racial Equity Plans

Binding City Policies (BCP)
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Binding City Policy



A RESOLUTION affirming the City’s race and social justice work and directing City bureaus to use available tools to assist in the elimination of racial and social disparities per the citywide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies, expand the Office of Equity’s (OEHR) work to include greater accountability and community-wide efforts to achieve racial equity in our community.

WHEREAS, racial and social disparities persist across key indicators of success in Portland, including education, equitable development, health, housing, employment, criminal justice, environment, service equity and arts and culture;

WHEREAS, in 2011 the City of Portland created an Office of Equity and Human Rights, with the vision of achieving racial equity in the community and the mission of ending institutionalized racism in City government, promoting inclusion and full participation of all residents, and partnering with the community to achieve racial equity across Portland;

WHEREAS, Portland is one of the first cities in the United States to undertake an initiative that focuses explicitly on institutional racism and has become a national leader in efforts to achieve racial equity;

WHEREAS, the Portland City Council unanimously passed Resolution 37144 on July 8, 2015 ratifying Citywide Racial Equity Goals and Strategies and directing City bureaus to use available tools to end racial inequities;

WHEREAS, equity is a cornerstone of a thriving democracy and the internal actions of local government that contribute to the health and well-being of everyone in our city;

WHEREAS, leadership by local government is necessary to achieve racial equity in the community, and it is also necessary for local government to work in collaboration with regional and national partners, both within government and across sectors.

WHEREAS, the Portland Plan’s goal-based budgeting approach directs bureaus and offices to identify and assess equity impacts of budget requests;

WHEREAS, OEHR has provided a Racial Equity Toolkit for City bureaus to use as part of major program and policy planning processes.


NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Portland City Council, hereby orders the following actions to expand the scope and reach of the City’s commitment to achieve racial equity. To this end, we direct City bureaus to adopt the following:

Measurable Outcomes and Greater Accountability.

A.  The Office of Equity and Human Rights will partner with the City Budget Office and the Mayor’s Office to continue to require use of the City’s Equity Budget Tool on all budget proposals and base budgets and tie those budget requests to implementation of their Racial Equity Plans and ADA Transition Plan tasks.

B.  All bureaus are scheduled to complete Racial Equity Plans by November 30, 2016

C.  Each bureau will measure the collective actions detailed in each of their Racial Equity Plans and submit a report to OEHR. As part of its annual report, OEHR will report on the City’s progress towards achieving racial equity.

D.  Bureaus will increase and improve engagement and partnership with Communities of Color and communities experiencing disabilities so all Portlanders continue to promote full civic inclusion and participation by all Portland residents through the use of best practices.


Resolution No. 37247, adopted by City Council November 2, 2016.

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