ADM-1.11 - Proposal to Increase Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Business Utilization in Professional, Technical and Expert Contracting

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The City of Portland ordains:

Section 1. The Council finds:

  1. The Council is committed to increasing the opportunity for Professional, Technical and Expert Service (PTE) contracts to be awarded to minority, women and emerging small business firms (M/W/ESB firms).
  2. There is currently no centrally monitored citywide program to meet this objective, with the procurement of PTE services being the responsibility of individual bureaus and offices.
  3. Anecdotal and statistical evidence suggests that the lack of information about upcoming contracts, the lack of a central PTE contract clearinghouse, historical discrimination and the high incidence of sole-source PTE contracting all result in fewer PTE city contracts being awarded to M/W/ESB firms than would otherwise be the case.
  4. The City of Portland Office of Management and Finance, Bureau of Purchases, has prepared a "Proposal to Increase M/W/ESB Utilization in PTE Contracting," which outlines a strategy to increase the opportunity for M/W/ESB firms to obtain PTE contracts.
  5. The recommended changes also establish more control, review and reporting for handling PTE contracts and thereby provide a more level playing field for all potential contractors.
  6. Drafts of the PTE proposal have been provided to City Bureaus through the Contract Coordinating Committee (C3) and to the Mayor’s Fair Contracting and Employment Forum for review and comment.
  7. City Code provisions relating to PTE procurements need to be updated to be consistent with the improved procurement strategies.


NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:

  1. The "Proposal to Increase M/W/ESB Utilization in PTE Contracting" * attached as Exhibit 1 is hereby adopted, with continuing authority for the Bureau of Purchases to make improvements and amendments over time.
  2. The Office of Management and Finance is hereby authorized to submit the necessary budgetary adjustments, as outlined in Exhibit 1, in the Spring Budget Monitoring Report.
  3. The Bureau of Financial Services shall make the necessary adjustments in the Spring Budget Monitoring ordinance to the Bureau of Purchases’ FY 2002-03 Budget.
  4. The Bureau of Human Resources shall work with the Bureau of Purchases in classifying and creating the new positions identified in Exhibit 1.
  5. The Bureau of Financial Services is hereby directed to make an ongoing adjustment to the Office of Management and Finance’s current service level target to reflect Council’s adoption of the Strategy and its implementation.
  6. Chapter 5.68 of the City Code, Professional Technical and Expert Service Contracts, is hereby amended effective July 1, 2003 by replacing the attached Exhibit 2 for the existing Chapter 5.68 (with existing Chapter 5.68 to remain in effect until July 1, 2003).
*Note: Exhibit 1 is in PDF format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Ordinance No. 177244
Passed by Council February 5, 2003.

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