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ADM-12.01 - Official City Seal

Binding City Policies (BCP)
Policy number


The Council finds:

1. The official seal of the City was adopted June 5, 1878.

2. Since that time the graphic elements of the seal as described in Chapter 1.04.010 of the City Code have remained unchanged.

3. The last official graphic update of the official seal occurred on September 17, 1964.

4. It is now desirable to clarify and update the graphic elements of the official seal for use with current digital reproduction methods and technology.

5. The attached version of the official seal retains all graphic elements as described in City Code.

6. It is desirable that all official City documents have a unifying graphic element that identifies the City as being the originator, and the official seal was designed for that purpose.  There is currently no such citywide requirement.


Now, therefore, the Council directs:

a. The attached representation be adopted as the official seal, and the City Auditor replace the current file copy referenced in the City Code by amending Section 1.04.010.

​​​​​​​b. The Office of Management & Finance, Bureau of General Service, Printing & Distribution division to immediately begin using the attached version on all official City documents requiring the official seal; to implement an updated set of standard City stationery materials utilizing the new seal; and to make available electronic and reflective artwork for the attached to City bureaus for their own uses.

​​​​​​​c. All bureaus to incorporate the new seal into the design of all official City documents and printed materials including but not limited to business cards, letterhead, brochures, reports, publications, posters, fliers, and envelopes; and the official seal be no less prominent in size or placement than bureau specific logos and design elements.

​​​​​​​d. This ordinance is binding City policy.


Ordinance No. 179441, passed and effective August 3, 2005.

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