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ADM-13.04 - Additional Rule of Conduct Applicable to Identified City Property

Binding City Policies (BCP)
Policy number


Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Management and Finance Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


Pursuant to PCC 3.18.020.C., the Office of Management and Finance (OMF) through its Deputy Chief Administrative Officer authorize and adopts the following additional rule of conduct on October 22, 2018.

Addition 1.  No recording, videotaping or photographing beyond this point except as permitted by the authorized facility manager. Unauthorized or secret recording of confidential, proprietary or personal information, and personal images or voices of City employees, City clients or individuals accessing City services is prohibited. 

This rule is in addition to the rules of conducts in PCC 3.18.020.B.

This rule has been posted in accordance with PCC 3.18.020.C. and is effective from November 26, 2018 until amended, rescinded or repealed by OMF.

This rule is applicable to the following designated City Property managed by OMF Facilities Services:

1.  All areas of City Property which are not for public access, designated for City business use, or identified as work areas for City employees. Unless otherwise specified by City Property persons in charge, all areas beyond the reception desk or public waiting area. 

2.  Office Spaces assigned to the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) and the Risk Management Division (Risk) from the public entrance to all interior spaces. These are Office Spaces to BHR and Risk as may be assigned within the Portland Building at 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, and at their temporary office location at 111 SW Columbia Street, Suite 550, Portland, Oregon, and at any meeting or conference rooms assigned to BHR or Risk from time to time.


Adopted by Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Office of Management and Finance October 22, 2018.

Administrative rule effective November 26, 2018.

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