Training Advisory Council Volunteer Position

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The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is seeking volunteers to serve on its Training Advisory Council (TAC).

Volunteer Position

This council was established in January of 2012 by the Portland City Council Resolution 36912. The TAC’s mission is “to provide ongoing advice to the Chief of Police and the Training Division in order to continuously improve training standards, practices and outcomes through the examination of training content, delivery, tactics, policy, equipment and facilities.”

Accomplishing the TAC mission

The TAC accomplishes this mission by doing the following:

  1. Directly observing and making recommendations regarding the effectiveness and adequacy of the PPB’s employee training programs, initiatives, and facilities;
  2. Reviewing public safety training “best practices” and emerging training strategies and making recommendations on their applicability to the PPB;
  3. Based on TAC members’ experience, research, and interviews, proposing recommendations for modifying training practices, procedures, and information used by the Bureau to guide the Training Division in order to improve the Bureau’s delivery of policing services to the community;
  4. Based on current events and member initiatives, considering endorsing resolutions brought to the table by TAC members addressed to the Training Division, other Bureau operational units, or—when deemed appropriate—other City bureaus and institutions charged with public safety; and
  5. Review quarterly and annual PPB Force Analysis Summary Reports to discern patterns relevant to the training of PPB's employees and the carrying out of their duties. (Note: this review by the TAC is required by the currently in force Settlement Agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and the City of Portland.)[1]

Time commitment

For a complete description of membership requirements and functioning of the TAC, applicants are encouraged to review the bylaws.[2]

TAC seeks to create a safe and inclusive space that welcomes the contributions of community members from a wide range of backgrounds and lived experiences.

There is room for a variety of participation styles. Opportunities for members to contribute to TAC’s mission include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in meetings every other month. Meetings are at 6:30 PM on the second Wednesday. Typically, these meetings include hearing updates from the Training Division, reviewing quarterly use of force reports, and discussing recommendations and resolutions regarding training. Meetings are held primarily in person at the Training Complex at 14912 NE Airport Way. Meetings last about two hours and can also be attended over Microsoft Teams (free).
  • Directly observing and commenting upon PPB training activities, especially new training programs being developed.
  • Being active in a task group formed to study an issue for improving training believed important by TAC members. Each TAC member serves on one task group, which is self-organized and meets separately from the group as a whole. The task group prepares recommendations based on its findings which are brought to the entire TAC for approval or amendment. In 2023, the TAC completed recommendations relating to continuous quality improvement and passed a resolution calling for the implementation of contact surveys, which has since been acted on by the Mayor.
  • Attending other meetings that occur from time to time.
  • When the pandemic permits, spending at least one shift per year in a “ride along” with a PPB member to observe first-hand the nature of the tasks the Bureau faces.

The total time commitment for members, including TAC meetings, attending training activities, conducting interviews, performing research, and drafting recommendations and resolutions can range, depending on individual TAC members’ ability to commit, from a minimum of about 5 hours a month.

Equity and Inclusion Commitments

TAC is committed to creating a space that is productive, respectful, and safe for diverse opinions. In support of this commitment, TAC created and adopted a new Community Agreement in 2022:

As a Council, we agree to consciously and thoughtfully follow these guidelines to create a space that is productive, respectful, and safe, and we ask that guests do the same.

  1. Listen deeply: We want to understand, and allow people impacted the most to speak first.
  2. Step up, step back: If you are usually quiet, talk. If you are usually the first to respond, pause and give others the opportunity to participate.
  3. Be mindful of your privileges: Do not minimize or claim to understand experiences that you do not share. Demonstrate empathy through effective listening.
  4. Shared responsibility: We can all choose to call someone into a conversation when there is a hurtful moment that needs to be interrupted.
  5. Tend to impact: Acknowledge hurtful behavior. The person who feels harmed is not accusing anyone of being malicious, simply pointing out words or actions that may trigger someone’s emotional response or feeling of safety, inclusion, or belonging. In a moment like this we pause and ask how is this hurtful? In acknowledgement, the person offending can acknowledge the other person’s feelings and correct their own language or behavior.
  6. Self-disclosure is self-decided: Do not call out or ask others to speak.  Speak in “I” statements. Do not assume harm on another’s behalf, and do not speak up in their name without their consent.
  7. Address ideas, not people: We are coming together to share diverse viewpoints and ideas. Disagreement is a normal part of the process. We refrain from calling out other participants by name, and express alternative viewpoints rather than attacking other participants’ beliefs, opinions, or motives.

Application Process

In 2024, there will be 9 positions opening. Applications will be welcomed until 5 PM on March 25th, 2024. Applicants should complete the standard City of Portland Advisory Body Application Form [3], and email it to, or by US Mail to: Training Advisory Council PPB Training Division, 14912 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230.  Applications will be reviewed and scored by the TAC Steering Committee, with the advice of Training Division leadership and the approval of the Chief of Police.


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[2] TAC Bylaws

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