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As an organization, the TAC is pragmatic in its approach to achieving significant change via fully integrated reform focused training.
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TAC Advisory Council

This council was established in January of 2012 by the Portland City Council Resolution 36912. The TAC’s mission is “to provide ongoing advice to the Chief of Police and the Training Division in order to continuously improve training standards, practices and outcomes through the examination of training content, delivery, tactics, policy, equipment and facilities.” Objectives of the TAC include:

  1. Provide observations and recommendations regarding the effectiveness and adequacy of the PPB’s employee training programs, initiatives and facilities;
  2. Review training “best practices” and emerging training strategies and make recommendations on their applicability to the PPB;
  3. Propose recommendation for training enhancements with the goal of improving the Bureau’s delivery of policing services to the community; and
  4. Review quarterly and annual PPB Force Analysis Summary Reports to discern patterns relevant to the training of PPB's employees and the carrying out of their duties.

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