PEAC: Mission, Values and Ground Rules

An I with a circle around it, indicating iformation.
Values: Justice, Accountability, Inclusive Equity, Integrity, Truth, Compassion and Transparency


Our mission is to support all equity efforts within Portland Police Bureau through championing community voice and holding the bureau accountable to its equity goals and its commitments.


Justice - We value the promotion of justice within the city of Portland. We seek to recognize and dismantle unearned privileges that occurs in this city along the lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and other identities especially as it relates to Policing.

Accountability - We value accountability. We seek to hold the bureau accountable to its Equity commitments and to owning its past shortcomings. Further we hold ourselves accountable to our values and mission.

Inclusive Equity - We value centering Equity and Inclusion in all that we do. We seek to incorporate community voices from different backgrounds and identities covering a wide set of demographics. We seek to foster a culture that centralizes equity and weaves it into our daily work.

Integrity - We value integrity and ethics. Members of the advisory will behave in an equitable and trustworthy manner and will expect the same of its partners.

Truth - We value being fact and data driven in our efforts. We will use the best available information to inform logical and rational decisions.

Compassion - We value compassion and seek to create a space that centers healing. Further, we recognize that is important that we lead with a trauma informed approach that recognizes the trauma that has occurred in police and community relations.

Transparency - We value transparency in process and outcomes. We will be open with our decisions and decision-making process with our community and city partners.

Ground Rules

Be Authentic and Honest - We will communicate with honesty and authenticity, speak our truth and share what we know.

Be Respectful - We will communicate in a respectful manner. We will use “I” statements, and not tell others their experience or try to “fix” their statements. We will speak in turns and be respectful of each other’s opinions.

Be Open and Curious - We will be open and curious. We will seek to understand each other’s opinions and assume positive intent. Finally, we will be flexible and learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Make Space for Others - We will seek to create a space for all voices. Members will not dominate conversations, and we will collectively focus on elevating the voices of the most marginalized.