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Police Staffing Numbers

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This report is updated when new data is available.

PPB Sworn Staffing Report:

Report Date: 01/20/2023

Sworn Members: 796
Officers: 536
Officers in Training: 97

Patrol Officers: 308
.......East Officers: 101
.......Central Officers: 103
.......North Officers: 104

NOTE: PPB has 308 patrol officers to work three precincts 24/7 and answer 911 calls.
This is not the total number of officers working at one time. Officers work four 10-hour shifts and have 3 days off per week. Patrol officers also have vacations, sick time, family leave and required training.

Authorized Sworn: 882
Sworn Vacancies: 86

Authorized Officers: 605
Officer Vacancies: 69

Authorized Public Safety Support Spec: 70
Public Safety Support Specialists: 41
Public Safety Support Spec Vacancies: 29

Authorized Professional Staff: 308
Professional Staff: 315
Professional Staff Vacancies: -7


Authorized Sworn 2021: 882
Authorized Sworn 2020: 916
Authorized Sworn 2019: 1001
Authorized Sworn 2009: 1004
Authorized Sworn 2005: 1035

Now Hiring: The Portland Police Bureau is hiring officers.
Looking for an exciting & rewarding career, with benefits? We're hiring! Salary ranges $75k-$107k +pay incentives. Benefits are 95% paid by the city.

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