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Jack Collins

Officer Involved Shooting Summary

Date: March 22, 2010
Suspect: Jack Collins, 58
Involved Member: Officer Jason Walters

On Monday, March 22, 2010, at 3:05 p.m., a 911 call was received about an intoxicated transient man who was harassing and threatening people at Hoyt Arboretum.  Portland Police Officer Jason Walters, a 13-year veteran self-dispatched himself to the call. Officer Walters requested that a Hooper Detox Unit come to the scene, anticipating that the threatening subject might be intoxicated. Officer Walters arrived at the scene at 3:24 p.m., made contact with the person who had called 911, and was told the male subject was in the bathroom that is located in the park center at Hoyt Arboretum.

Officer Walters approached the bathroom door and knocked on it.  A male subject, later identified as 58-year-old Jack Collins, opened the door and Officer Walters immediately saw that Collins had blood on his face, neck and hands.  Officer Walters asked Collins if he needed help, but Collins did not respond.  Officer Walters saw that Collins had an X-Acto knife in his hand and immediately began to back up in order to provide distance between himself and Collins.  He also started giving commands to Collins to drop the weapon and called for immediate cover officers. Collins exited the bathroom and began walking toward the officer.  Officer Walters continued retreating and shouting commands to Collins to drop the weapon.  Collins continued advancing on Officer Walters and told the officer that he was not going to drop the weapon.  Officer Walters was unable to continue retreating due to physical barriers, but continued to give commands to Collins to drop the knife.  Collins continued advancing and Officer Walters fired two gunshots.  Officer Walters saw Collins remain standing and slowly spin around with the knife still in his hand. Officer Walters gave more commands to drop the knife, but Collins again advanced toward him.  Officer Walters then fired two more shots.  Collins dropped to the ground and Officer Walters called for immediate medical assistance. Collins was pronounced deceased at the scene.

On April 2, 2010, a Multnomah County Grand Jury found that Officer Walters’ use of deadly physical force was justified.

As part of the use of force review process, the Bureau conducts an internal review of the entire incident and the case will go before the Police Review Board (PRB), which is composed of community members, Bureau members and representatives from the Independent Police Review Division.

The Portland Police Bureau's directive outlining the procedures followed after an officer-involved shooting may be found in Directive 1010.10.

Image of an evidence placard and an X-Acto knife