2023 Police Annual Report and Precinct Meetings

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The 2023 Police Annual Report details the Bureau's operations, achievements, challenges, and initiatives. It highlights a commitment to public safety, transparency, community engagement, and development, summarizing key areas of focus and setting the stage for future improvements.

Annual Report


Crime Reduction and Fear of Crime

In 2023, the City of Portland saw notable successes in crime reduction. Reported person crimes decreased by 4% compared to the previous year and were below the five-year average by 2%. Reported property crimes also saw a significant reduction, decreasing by 13% compared to 2022, though remaining 1% above the prior five-year average. Notably, there was a more than 20% reduction in gun violence, with homicides decreasing by 23%, and firearm-related homicides decreasing by 20%. The Bureau conducted over 25 retail theft missions, multiple crime suppression operations, and 19 stolen vehicle missions, resulting in a 27% reduction in stolen vehicles within the Portland metro area.

Technology and Equipment Enhancements

The Bureau made substantial strides in technological advancements. A pilot program for body-worn cameras was conducted, and full implementation is scheduled for 2024. Other significant projects included the replacement of 360 mobile data computers, the completion of Phase 1 of the RegJIN RMS Cloud design, and the development of custom applications such as the Stolen Vehicle Operation and sUAS for tracking unmanned aircraft activities.

Personnel and Professional Development

In 2023, the Personnel Division focused on strengthening the workforce and improving organizational health. The Bureau hired 61 sworn members and 59 professional staff, including 11 Public Safety Support Specialists. Despite the challenges posed by retirements and staffing shortages, the Bureau continued to implement succession planning and professional development initiatives to ensure continuity and enhance leadership capabilities.

Challenges and Future Goals

Addressing Current Challenges

The Bureau faced several challenges, including the impact of retirements, staffing shortages, and the lingering effects of the 2020 social unrest. Acknowledging the trauma and grief experienced by both the community and PPB members, the Bureau emphasized the importance of physical, emotional, and mental health for its personnel. Moving forward, the Bureau aims to implement better succession planning, enhance professional development, and foster a supportive environment for its members.

Vision for the Future

Chief Bob Day outlined three primary goals for the Bureau: reducing crime and the fear of crime, transforming the relationship between police and the community, and focusing on organizational growth and development. The Bureau plans to leverage resources from various sectors, enhance transparency and accountability, and implement innovative solutions to address crime and public safety concerns. A holistic, collaborative approach involving all stakeholders is essential to achieving these goals and fostering a safer, more resilient community.


The 2023 Annual Report highlights the Portland Police Bureau's significant achievements and ongoing efforts to improve public safety and community relations. Through strategic initiatives, technological advancements, and a commitment to transparency and professional development, the Bureau is well-positioned to address current challenges and achieve its future goals. The continued collaboration with community partners and stakeholders will be crucial in realizing the vision of a safer, more connected Portland.

Precinct Meetings

Join Precinct Commanders and Chief Bob Day to discuss the 2023 Annual Report, which takes a comprehensive look at PPB, including budget, operations, services and investigations.

  • Central Precinct - July 18, 2024 [Details]
  • East Precinct - July 24, 2024 [Details]
  • North Precinct - July 30, 2024 [Details]