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PSA: Report Bias Incidents and Crimes

Blog Post
PSA with Bias Hotline Phone Number - 1-844-924-2427
Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard shares his personal experience with bias and encourages victims to report incidents. Be part of the solution by calling the Oregon Department of Justice bias hotline at 1-844-924-BIAS (1-844-924-2427).

Bias crimes and bias incidents are on the rise, about 80 percent in Portland, and the Portland Police Bureau believes it’s being underreported. If someone believes they have been the victim of a biased crime or a bias incident, they should call the police. When the officer is there, let them know that bias was a part of the crime. If there’s bias involved, there are other elements that have to be proven. Because of some people’s past experiences with police, they may not want to call. In that case, they are encouraged to call the Oregon Department of Justice bias hotline. Being the victim of a biased crime or bias incident can have profound and lasting effects. Portland Police Bureau wants to be part of the solution. It is important to make that call.