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PSA: Leaky Car Scam

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PSA - Leaky Car Scam
Don't fall victim to the LEAKY CAR SCAM.

Hi, I'm Lieutenant Nathan Shepard and I want to tell you about something I'll call the Leaky Car Scam in hopes that you will be less likely to fall victim to it. It goes something like this - you'll be driving, and you'll stop at a stop sign or traffic light and a car will pull up next to you the passenger will start yelling to you "hey hey your car is leaking, there there's fluid's coming out of the back of your car!" eventually the passenger will get out and motion for you to follow them to the back of your car. When you do a second passenger from the suspect car will jump out jump into your car and drive off. Now look, I'm no mechanic, but chances are if your car was just running fine a few minutes before you'll be able to make it to the nearest gas station or automotive shop. Look, always be aware of your surroundings and know that this scam is real. And now you know what to look out for.