Bad Batch: Fentanyl

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PSA. Picture of rainbow Fentanyl with words BAD BATCH Fentanyl on top.
The Portland Police Bureau responded to eight overdose deaths this Mother's Day weekend making it a really tragic one for the city of Portland.

Just because possessing drugs and using drugs is no longer a criminal, arrestable offense, doesn't make it any safer. This is unregulated stuff which means two things; First you don't know what you're getting and second you don't know what the dosage is.

One pill could have a tiny bit of fentanyl that does what you expect the other could have a chunk that'll kill you. Our Narcotics and Organized Crime Team believes there might be a bad batch out there.

So, tell your friends, tell your families, your co-workers and spread the word, because you could save a life. If you're struggling with addiction this is a beast that's on your back with its claws in you and it's hard to beat alone. So, call for help - call the Multnomah County Crisis Line or even Lines For Life and they will connect you with the services you need.

PPB NEWS: Numerous Fatal Drug Overdoses Raise Concerns About Dangerous Batch