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Bad Batch: Fentanyl

The Portland Police Bureau responded to eight overdose deaths this Mother's Day weekend making it a really tragic one for the city of Portland.

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PSA: Leaky Car Scam

Don't fall victim to the LEAKY CAR SCAM.

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A Ride Through Central Precinct with Commander Dobson

Central Precinct's Commander Craig Dobson shares a bit about his precinct and the men and women who serve there.

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Public Safety Support Specialist Ride Along

The Public Safety Support Specialist (PS3) Program was created to enhance community engagement opportunities and reduce the number of armed police officers responding to lower priority calls for service. With PS3s taking over the low priority calls, officers are freed up to respond to 911 calls.

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15 Police Officers, 9 Professional Staff Join the Police Bureau

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Chief Chuck Lovell, along with other members of the City Council, welcomed 15 new police officers and 9 professional staff members to the Portland Police Bureau.

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Recovering Stolen Vehicles: Fewer Stops, Better Outcomes

The Portland Police Bureau is using evidence-based practice methodology to greatly increase the chances of stopping occupied stolen vehicles.

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Behavioral Health Unit: Ride along with a Behavioral Health Response Team

Ride along with Behavioral Health Response Team Officer Billy Kemmer and mental health clinician Sarah Scafani of the Portland Police Bureau's Behavioral Health Unit.

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Portland Police Debuts New Vehicle Design

For the first time since 2011, the Portland Police Bureau is debuting a new vehicle design for marked patrol units, including a different color scheme.

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The Portland Police Bureau is creating a new Racial Equity Plan

Are you interested in submitting your ideas toward the Bureau’s equity priorities for the next five years?

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New Assistant Chief Appointed, New Officers, PS3s and Professional Staff Hired

In a special ceremony today, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) appointed a new Assistant Chief and Commander, promoted a Captain, while also hiring officers, Public Safety Support Specialists and professional staff members.

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International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women

Today we recognize November 25th, the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

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Be Safe, Be Seen, Slow Down

Sgt. Ty Engstrom is out on the roads every day, and witnesses dangerous behavior by vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and scooter riders.

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PPB Releases Videos and Resources on Avoiding Common Fraud Schemes

The Portland Police Bureau is releasing a series of videos and social media posts with resources aimed at various frauds and phone scams that continue to widely circulate in our community.

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Talking Beat - Community Active Shooter Preparedness

This episode of the Talking Beat contains sensitive information and frank discussions of potential and past violence. If this is something that may not be appropriate for you and your mental health, please check the show notes for more detailed descriptions before listening to this program.

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Portland Police Releases Video Debriefing of September Amber Alert Call

PPB's Strategic Communications Unit is releasing a new video about the efforts to find a missing child who was asleep in a vehicle when it was stolen in September.

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Portland Police Release Video To Recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month

To recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Portland Police Bureau is releasing a new video about the Bureau's Special Victims Unit and its partnership with Multnomah County and other local agencies. This partnership is called the Multnomah County Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team.

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PPB and PSU Announce Conclusion of Community-Based Crime Reduction Grant

A United States Department of Justice grant between the Portland Police Bureau and Portland State University has demonstrated through data that trust between police and the community improves when there is follow-up contact to victims of crimes and when police provide non-enforcement walking beats. 

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PCCEP Hosting Town Hall on PPB Response to 2020 Protests

On October 12, the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing will be hosting Independent Monitor, LLC for a virtual town hall to gather community input on PPB's response to the 2020 protests. 

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Portland Police Bureau hires 20 Community Police Officers

The Portland Police Bureau hired 20 Community Police Officers today, representing the first measurable staffing increase in years. 

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