Public Safety Community Fair

Community Event
Come chat with City bureaus about what you can do to keep your property safe.
City of Portland - Public Safety Community Fair - June 23, 2023
10:00 am 2:00 pm

Offering Free theft deterrents such as catalytic converter stickers, steering wheel clubs and more.


  • Community Safety Division
  • Portland Police Bureau East Precinct
  • Portland Fire and Rescue
  • Portland Street Response
  • Portland Parks and Recreation
  • Lents Neighborhood Livability Assn.
  • Hazelwood Neighborhood Assn.
  • East Portland Action Plan
  • Cultivate Initiatives
  • Bike Works
  • Kia (providing updates to protect Kia vehicles from theft)

East Portland Community Center
740 SE 106th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216


East Portland Community Center

Community And Arts Center
Park Location or Entrance
740 SE 106th Avenue
Portland, OR 97216