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Air Support Unit

The Portland Police Bureau’s Air Support Unit was established in 1990, and provides fixed wing air support to all units within the Portland Police Bureau, as well as service to many surrounding agencies.

Alarms Unit

The mission of the Behavioral Health Unit is to coordinate the response of Law Enforcement and the Behavioral Health System to aid people in behavioral crisis resulting from known or suspected mental illness and or drug and alcohol addiction.
The Portland Police Bike Theft Task Force is partnering with the bicycling community to focus efforts on reducing bike thefts in the city through education, awareness and enforcement. 
The Business Services Group of the Portland Police Bureau provides financial leadership and expertise to the Bureau.

Canine Unit

Provides a resource to officers and investigators on the street by utilizing the keen sense of smell and hearing of the canine whose task is to assist in the apprehension of suspects, the searching of buildings, finding articles of evidence and protection of police officers and community members.
The Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) provides investigative support for cases involving threats to commit acts of mass and/or targeted violence, violent extremism, domestic and international terrorism, organized crime, and special investigative projects.
To embed best practices throughout the Portland Police Bureau that ensure identity does not determine outcomes and PPB is equipped to serve the most marginalized communities.
The Liaison is the primary interface between the Police Bureau and the homeless advocacy community, including social service, governmental or law enforcement agencies.

Person Crimes

Crimes Against Persons are those whose victims are individuals.

Photo Enforcement

The number one traffic complaint among neighborhood residents is speeding. Why are residents so concerned? Because speeding cars threaten the safety of our children and compromise the livability of our neighborhoods.
The Property Evidence Division stores the property of all persons arrested by the Portland Police Bureau; evidence seized by officers; and illegal items or miscellaneous property that comes into the possession of members of the Police Bureau.

Property Crimes

Crimes against property are crimes of theft, where no force or threat of force is directed against an individual.

Sex Crimes Unit

The Sex Crimes Unit focuses on crimes of sexual violence within the City of Portland.

Street Racing

Speed Racing is a Class A traffic violation. You can lose your vehicle on the spot as well as thousands of! 

The Rose Project

The number of unsubmitted sexual assault evidence collection kits (kits) is a nationwide problem that has affected numerous communities across the United States. In 2015, the Portland Police Bureau completed an extensive audit of our property room to identify all kits in our possession.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division is charged with the specific duties of traffic enforcement, serious injury collision investigation, fatal collision investigations, DUII enforcement, traffic complaints and major traffic crime investigations.