Professional Standards Division

Outline of Police Badge
Within the Professional Standards Division, there are two distinct entities. The Internal Affairs Division, is tasked with conducting administrative investigations into allegations of employee misconduct. The other half of the Professional Standards Division is the Standards and Accountability unit.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Division is responsible for conducting administrative investigations into alleged policy violations by PPB employees. Its goal is to complete investigations within 180 days, while producing a complete and thorough investigation to ensure procedural justice for both the community and Bureau members.

Employee Information System (EIS)

The Employee Information System (EIS) is an application that compiles information from the Police Bureau and other data sources to enable a comprehensive review of a sworn member’s work performance. The use of EIS benefits the Bureau and sworn members alike by facilitating professional growth through a feedback process that reinforces the Bureau’s management and accountability systems, standards and expectations.

Police Review Board

The Police Review Board is an advisory body to the Chief of Police. The Review Board will make recommendations as to findings and proposed officer discipline to the Chief of Police.