Equity and Inclusion Office

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To embed best practices throughout the Portland Police Bureau that ensure identity does not determine outcomes and PPB is equipped to serve the most marginalized communities.

Our Values

The following values form the core of our mission.


Defined by the Office of Equity and Human Rights as “when identity does not determine the outcome” we center equity in understanding that we cannot insure fair outcomes for all without first addressing the marginalization and harm that many populations have endured in the City of Portland. We also believe that by uplifting the most marginalized we also ease the suffering of all members of our society.


While we hold that all humans are of equal worth and value we also believe that differences in race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation are important and that the Portland Police Bureau benefits by intentionally seeking out a wide range of backgrounds to bring their perspectives and skills both as employees of the bureau and as outside partners.        


 We hold that diversity’s benefits cannot be reaped without a fully inclusive process in which people are not only brought to the table but also valued and treated as part of the team. Further we believe PPB can only function at its best if Community is included in its processes and engaged regularly.

Community Engagement:

We believe that the priorities of the Office must come from the community and only with community engagement and support can the Office reach its fullest potential in achieving its goals. Further we support and aid the Bureau in its goals of increasing Community Engagement and Inclusion.

Leading With Race:

In alignment with OEHR and the City of Portland we believe that it is critical to lead with race. Centering on Race means that race is at the forefront of equity considerations throughout decision making processes. We center race because of the harmful history of color blind policy and lack of attention to the most marginalized. Centering race does not mean that the Equity Office does not seek to remedy other forms of marginalization such as sexism or homophobia nor does it mean we are not invested in positive outcomes for all peoples. It merely means that we purposefully focus the critical impact of race in our society.

Police Racial Equity Plan

Police Racial Equity Plan Updates 

Portland Police Bureau's Guiding Equity Lens:

Chart showing PPB's equity lens