Human Trafficking Unit

Outline of Police Badge
The Human Trafficking Unit (HTU) investigates crime involving both sex trafficking and labor trafficking activities, with a focus on juvenile victims.

HTU investigates Measure 11 crimes and additional felony level trafficking offenses.  HTU simultaneously conducts rescue missions for victims of trafficking and affects the demand side of trafficking by conducting buyer suppression and directed patrol missions.  Cases are also generated from Crime Stopper Tips, National Human Trafficking Hotline, Department of Human Services, and follow up on patrol reports.  HTU regularly corresponds with neighboring agencies and Federal partners to rescue and identify victims.

Due to the complexity of these cases, such as repeated trauma exposures, trauma bonds with traffickers, and fear of retaliation, the victims in these cases are reluctant to come forward, make a report and continue through the criminal justice process.

2021 Stats

  • Reviewed 191 cases
  • Assigned 95 cases
  • Cleared 40 cases
  • Referred 83 victims to services
  • Contacted 34 juvenile victims
  • Total number of advocate contacts 1417
  • 47 Search warrants served

HTU Missions

  • Conducted 14 Missions
    • Contacted 23 victims
    • Arrested 97 people