Complaint Signer

The  Complaint Signer, reviews and prepares for prosecution most of the Police Bureau’s cases. These include arrests and citations for misdemeanors, traffic cases, and most drug charges.  

On a daily basis, in the early morning hours., the jail’s booking docket is checked. All the cases for which the defendant is scheduled for afternoon arraignment must be found, reviewed, and prepared for prosecution. These cases are presented to the District Attorney’s Office the same morning to allow time for each case to be reviewed. Cases not presented on time may cause an arrest warrant to be issued, or the case to be sent to a Grand Jury.

All misdemeanor arrests, traffic arrests and citations, and most drug cases are sent to the Complaint Signer each day. Cases can either be custody cases scheduled for arraignment that day, or cited cases scheduled for arraignment in several weeks. These are first sorted by complainant, police or private citizen, and then further sorted by offense level, felony, misdemeanor, or violation offense. Each situation requires slightly different processing procedures before the case is sent to the District Attorney or the Court.