Business Services Division

Outline of Police Badge
The Business Services Division of the Portland Police Bureau provides financial leadership and expertise to the Bureau.

The Business Services Division (BSD) provides financial and business leadership and expertise to enable compliance of fiscally-oriented legal and policy requirements and to support the Bureau in managing and accounting for all resources in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

Business Services provides expert professional advice and assistance to Bureau management on a broad range of complex financing, budgeting, and policy and procedural matters, which enables Bureau command to make sound, data-driven decisions.

Business Services has direct oversight of the following areas: preparation and management of the Police Bureau budget; grant management and compliance; purchasing, including contract development and setup; ordinance preparation and filing; accounting; payroll; financial planning, analysis and reporting; strategy & performance, alarms management; fleet management; facilities management; Quartermaster program management; and SAP change management.


The Business Services Division holds these values:

· Quality
We are driven to meet a high standard of excellence and to provide outstanding levels of support and service to our customers inside and outside the Bureau.

· Integrity
We commit to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards. The decisions and services we offer will be honest, fair, impartial and transparent.

· Leadership
We will maintain a high level of expertise in the areas of finance, administration and City policy to provide directions and solutions that ensure the Bureau meets its goals.

· Teamwork
We work together to make the best decisions in the best interest of the Bureau. As a team, we practice inclusiveness, respect the diverse talents of our workforce, and capitalize on the strengths of each member.

Police Bureauwide Advisory Council

The Police Bureauwide Advisory Committee advises Bureau leadership on Citywide issues, provides input to staff about budget development, reviews plans on long-term Bureauwide projects, and provides feedback on community priorities.