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Air Support Unit

Inside the Air Support Unit Plane
The Portland Police Bureau Air Support Unit (ASU) provides aerial support and expertise for the City of Portland and the Police Bureau's patrol, investigative and administrative needs. 

The Air Support Unit's goal is to enhance the safety of the community and police personnel through the strategic deployment of airborne technologies. The Air Support Unit strives to increase officers' and community members' safety and improve their effectiveness and efficiency through the timely use of properly equipped aircraft.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Air Support Unit was established in 1990, and provides fixed wing air support to all units within the Portland Police Bureau, as well as service to many surrounding agencies. This service and support is not limited to other law enforcement agencies, but also to other city bureaus, fire departments, search and rescue and federal agencies.

The history and evolution of this unit is based upon the dedication, determination and drive of the individual members for its success. Aviation is a specialized skill and when combined with the demands of law enforcement becomes a remarkable blend of technology, specialized knowledge and innovation.

The Air Support Unit, provides observation, communication with ground units, geographical knowledge, decision making, and tactical knowledge, coordination of resources, crew coordination, and ability with technical equipment such as FLIR, moving map, lojack, and aircraft control. The Air Support Unit has flown an average of 750 hours (225 missions) a year for each of the past ten years. 

The Air Support Unit has been involved in almost every landmark case and incident, providing air support to large scale investigations, gang violence investigations, violent crime, search and rescue, dignitary visits, crowd control and many more.