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Organizational Chart

Police Bureau Phone Directory


Executive Assistant, 823-0008 // Diane Haman
Chief of Staff, //Robert King 119/1526, 823-0010, fax 823-0342 
Adjutant Lt., Lieutenant Ken Duillio 119/1526, 823-0010, fax 823-0342 

Acting Temporary DC Chris Gjovik

Administrative Assistant, 823-0027 //


Public Information Officer, 119/1526,; Manager Mike Benner

Professional Standards Division, 119/1526,  //  
Internal Affairs Unit, 119/1201, 823-0236  

Office of Inspector General (DOJ Compliance, Force Inspector, Analysts):119/1526 503-823-0000// Mary Claire Buckley 

Criminal Intelligence, 119/1333, 823-0277, fax 823-0313 //Sgt. Mark Friedman


Administrative Assistant, 823-0027 // 
Executive Officer, 823-0518 // Lt.  Alicia Russell

Detective Division, 119/1326, 823-0400, fax 823-0418 // Commander Mike Leasure
Court Coordinator, 823-4727
Special Property Investigations, 823-0497, fax 823-9538

Family Services Unit, Bldg. 439, 823-0090, fax 823-0078 //  Lt. Nathan Sheppard
10225 E. Burnside St., 97216 Includes: Child Abuse Team (CAT), Domestic Violence Reduction Unit (DVRU), Elder Crimes, CARES NW EAP/FSD, 823-0091, fax 823-0601     

Forensic Evidence Unit, 119/1250, 823-0721, fax 823-0029  

Information Technology, 119/1156, 823-0300, fax 823-0304 

Property/Evidence // Manager Ty Routley
119/1126, 823-2179, fax 823-2183, 2619 NW Industrial Way, Ste. B-4, 97210

Specialized Resources Division (SRD), Bldg. 200, 823-4106 // Commander Franz Schoening
449 NE Emerson St., 97211 Includes: Air Support Unit, Crisis Negotiation Team, Explosive Disposal Unit, Special Emergency Reaction Team, Canine Unit; Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit; Rapid Response Team, Focused Intervention Team, Enhanced Community Safety Team


Administrative Assistant, 823-0990 // Sean Gentry 
Executive Officer, 823-0518 // Lt. Martin Padilla

Central Precinct, 119/1st Floor, 823-0097, fax 823-0096 //Acting Commander Brian Hughes

East Precinct, Bldg. 400, 823-4800, fax 823-4801 // Commander Jake Jensen
737 SE 106th Ave., 97216 

North Precinct, Bldg. 200, 823-5700, fax 823-5840 //   Commander Rob Simon
449 NE Emerson St., 97211  

Traffic Unit, Bldg. 100, 823-2103, fax 823-2220 //  


Administrative Assistant, Sean Gentry 823-0990 

Personnel Division, 119/1542, 823-0333, fax 823-4797 //  Captain Greg Pashley

Operations Support Unit, 823-4718   

Records Division, 119/1126, 823-0043, fax 823-0052 // Manager Jennifer Holling

Strategic Services Division, 823-0283 // Manager Lauren Brown
Includes: Statistical Support

Training Division, Bldg. 74, 823-0316, fax 823-0399 // 14919 NE Airport Way, 97230  Captain Tim Robinson;  Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Police Education Director

Updated 7/02/2024

Mission, Values and Goals

Mission Statement
The mission of the Portland Police Bureau is to reduce crime and the fear of crime by working with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.
The organizational values of the Portland Police Bureau are:
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Service
Community goals:
  • Focus efforts on repeat calls for service and chronic offenders
  • Enhance the community and police relationship
Organizational goals:
  • Develop and encourage personnel
  • Continuously improve work processes
Human Goals:
The Portland Police Bureau, which exists to protect and serve the community, must always be guided by the principle that the individual has infinite dignity and worth. In all that we do, we must show respect for the citizens we serve, and for the men and women of the Portland Police Bureau, recognizing and encouraging their individual needs, aspirations and capabilities.
The attainment of these goals requires that we strive to:
  • Attract to the Police Bureau a diverse group of individuals with ability, dedication, and capacity for growth.
  • Provide the opportunity for everyone to rise to as high a level of responsibility and interest as desired, dependent only on that individual’s talent, diligence and commitment.
  • Train and support Bureau members to be the best they can be.
  • Make the Portland Police a model of equal opportunity for all regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or physical challenge.
  • Contribute to the improvement of our community, especially to those citizens in need, by maximizing our human resources while maintaining full effectiveness in the performance of our primary mission: service to the community.

Portland Police Bureau History