Community Active Shooter Preparedness

An officer giving a presentation at the front of a classroom.
Active shooter incidents are often unpredictable and evolve rapidly. The Community Active Shooter Preparedness (CASP) presentation is designed to provide community members the skills to react to an active shooter situation.

Learn methods to develop a plan to help keep you and your associates safe. This class will provide a foundation from which a comprehensive and specific active shooter response plan may be built for your specific location. Our lead instructors are Portland Police Bureau Officers who have responded to the scene of local active shooter incidents and will be among your first responders. 

Part 1:  Prevention and Planning

  • Active Shooter definition and facts.
  • Learn the components of developing a plan for how to respond to an active shooter incident.
  • Bring together a multidisciplinary team to create the plan specific to your site.

Part 2:  How to respond? 

  • Strategies for protecting yourself
  • Lock Out vs Lock Down

Part 3:  What to expect from Law Enforcement

  •  Law Enforcement Priorities
  •  Learn the questions law enforcement will be asking about your site (building layout, keys, etc.)
    • Learn how your actions can assist resolve the situation
    • Medical considerations

 The Portland Police Bureau offers options for receiving this training. 

Online Video:
Fill out this short form and you will get an email with a link to the online training.
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Talking Beat - Community Active Shooter Preparedness 

In Person Workshop:
If your organization would like to have an officer come to your place of work or worship, fill out this form to get in touch with our Community Engagement Office. (Please note we are only able to accomodate organizations inside the City of Portland.)
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