BHUAC Community Engagement Meeting

2024 1st quarter BHUAC Community Engagement Meeting: learn more about the members and their work.
Cherry Blossoms along the Willamette
6:00 pm 7:00 pm
Available Online

Connection Instructions

Meeting ID: 823 9427 3181

Passcode: 418800

Please join us for the 2024 1st quarter BHUAC Community Engagement Meeting to learn more about the members and their work.

This will be a virtual meeting and there will be time for Q&A. We will have an ASL interpreter as well. We look forward to seeing you!



BHUAC Community Meeting Purpose and Objective:
• The purpose of the quarterly BHUAC Community Meetings is to share, with the community, the work done by the BHUAC. 
• The BHUAC Community Meetings are also an opportunity for community members to provide feedback and ask questions specifically regarding the BHUAC and its work. 

Behavioral Health Unit Advisory Committee (BHUAC) Introduction: 
• Beth Epps (BHUAC Co-Chairperson) 
• Lieutenant Christopher Burley (BHUAC Co-Chairperson – non-voting member) 
• Emily Rochon (BHUAC Committee Member) 

BHUAC Community Engagement Participant Introduction: 
• All present and participating in the BHUAC Community Engagement meeting are asked to introduce themselves. 

BHUAC Meetings in Quarter Two: 
• January 24, 2024 
• February 28, 2024 
• March 27, 2024 

Outline of Topics for Discussion: 
Summary of topics: 
• January 24, 2024 • ECIT Case Study • PPB Response to Person in Mental Health Crisis Directives 
• February 28, 2024 • ECIT Case Study • Review of BHUAC Bylaws 
• March 27, 2024 • Office of the Inspector General Presentation • Homicide Detail Presentation 

Discussion / Q&A
1. What topics would community members like to see on the BHUAC agenda? 
2. What topics would the community like to see on the BHUAC website? 


Meeting Materials